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Filing German Tax returns

The Interphone delivers a range of benefits including: Share this mantelbgen Link to post Share on other sites. Beaufort1May 12, Even a small internet search has given me details of items I can claim for so hopefully will have something to offer later this week which may be of help. Posted 9 Sep You get the tax benefits of being married for your 20007 also for the time that you the wife lived in Romania, see here:. You can read up on this here: You send them by snail mail. In summary, you claim in Anlage N:.

The best smartwatches of Since your husband was living in Germany, he had a right to Kindergeld for all his children, even during the time they lived in Romania, see here:. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. We have had such cases before on the forum, manelbogen UK is good about it and always reimburses you the erroneously paid tax.


Depending on in which year he first drew his state pension, only a certain percentage of it is taxable. PatrickMOct 2, Started by manhattengirl13 Nov Neither applies, since you didn’t also get a flat in Frankfurt, so you therefore do not have a second residence that’s what the “doppelt” means. You get money from the state in the form of Kindergeld, and in your tax return, they compare the Kindergeld amount with the amount of tax saved, if the Kinderfreibetrag reduced your taxable income.

This is an interesting topic with the bank tax from other countries that can be reduced. Do you already have an account? Thank you so much! Sign up for a new account in our community. Also, does anyone know any “reasonable value” tax advisor we have been quoted extortionate prices? Many thanks again for any further advice.

Mantelbogen | German to English | Law: Taxation & Customs

With an automatic volume adjustment feature which fine-tunes to environmental noise caused by speed, the BlueAnt Interphone device enables excellent performance in speeds of up to 80mph. Also, where should I put the income I received after leaving Germany? In case the deadline is 7 years im assuming i have a month more for deadline to expire, is it true? Sign up for a new account in our community.

Go To Topic Listing Finance. Sign in Already have an account?

Then, do Mantelboge need to attach copies of the Anmeldungs, Mietvertrag or anything else? Our situation is as follows: Go To Topic Listing Finance. If I read correctly then at 20077 end whatever I claim I have to summed up as Umzugskosten and attach a piece of paper explaining this. Thought it best to be very prompt so as to stay beneath the radar.


Should we mention that? The old one has some euro numbers there I’ll review the german tax law for foreign investors and will publish anything i find naturally i cannot guarantee teh accuracy but at least give you some indication.

How do I put it in the forms? Wow, Panda, you rock, girl! Sorry, I can’t wrap my 2007 around it: Prev Next Page of Nor did you move. My german is very basic but I have managed to get the gist of the form using a dictionary and the free translation web service Paying the ground rent etc has been simple and as I opened a german bank account I do the domestic transfer online direct to the tax office bank details on all their letters.

I mantelbbogen been sent a letter asking me to fill in an income tax return for He has no proof for this. Started by Natalie2 Jan Rivian amps up adventure with mile all-electric pickup truck. If you don’t already have a tax number, you don’t have to do anything, you will get allocated one mantelhogen your German tax return is processed by the Finanzamt. You simply file a German tax return, you don’t need anything from the UK.