Salak thrives under humid tropical lowland conditions with mean annual precipitation of 1,– 3, mm. The sarcotesta are also candied (manisan salak). The latest Tweets from manisan salak (@manisansalak). Mereka tidak putus asa, beragam cara menghilangkan rasa sepet salak pun Internet memberipelbagai resep produk:keripik salak, dodol salak, manisan salak .

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Other Uses The bark of the petioles may be used for matting[ ].

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In principle, the palm flowers and fruits continuously, but most reports indicate harvest peaks around May and – a major one – around December in Indonesia. An acid flavour[ ]. On the other hand, the latter insect is a pollinator.

Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. The flowers are pollinated by Insects. You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language sapak the select box. A dioecious plant, requiring both male and female forms to be grown near each other if fruit and seed are required[ ].

Slightly crisp, with a delicious blend of acids and sugars and an apple-like slak] The flesh is exceptionally firm and crisp for a tropical fruit[ ]. This implies a top fruit set in June-July, i. Seed kernels taken directly from the fresh fruit germinate readily in less than a week under moist, shady conditions, even on top of the soil.

Manisan Salak – Picture of Madame Chang, Surabaya

Basal suckers are usually cut out in order not to lower the fruit mwnisan of the mother palm. Maniszn the fruit is ripe, a layer of granular-looking flesh adheres to the kernel, a state known as “masir” in Indonesia; whereas each kernel of an immature fruit lies free in a cavity in the flesh.


Adequate use of fertilizers may make shading in salak cultivation less necessary than is generally assumed. Seedless and monoecious forms occur, especially in Bali.

Ageing plant parts are cut off and either buried between the palms sa,ak burned, the ash being used as fertilizer. It is quite sweet when fully ripe, but the unripe fruit is sour and astringent due to the presence of a little tannic acid[ ]. Pink disease Corticium salmonicolor can cause serious loss of fruit and plants.

Prefers a light-textured soil[ ]. Because of its superficial root ssalak, the palm requires a high water table, rain or irrigation during most of the year, but it does not stand flooding. A radicle soon emerges from the tip of the plug and the shoot, a main root and several secondary roots emerge from the sides of this plug.

The seed is edible[ ]. Salacca zalacca – Gaertn. Mamisan fruits may be canned.

Indonesian Goodies: Manisan salak | yummyinthetummyblog | Flickr

The supporting leaf of a bunch is sometimes pruned to ensure undisturbed development of the bunch. It has long erect leaves up to 6m long, with each leaf having 2m long petiole with spines and leaflets. Salak is usually grown under shade.

Exclusive use of urea is said to produce large but perishable fruits, and also to cause strong vegetative growth which increases the risk of salakk palms toppling over. Harvesting takes place at a fruit age of months, or somewhat earlier if rains cause fruits approaching maturity to swell too quickly and burst.

  ISO 19770-1 PDF

Growers control weevils by poking a piece of wire into the holes. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

The palm can be productive for 50 years or more. This QR Code is unique to this page. Both intraspecific and interspecific breeding has been taken up by the Bogor laboratory.

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The fungus Pestalotia sp.

Weeding is necessary before the leaf canopy is closed. Requires a deep, rich, moist soil and some shade[ ]. In the main production centres, average annual rainfall is between and mm. They include rare species and potentially ornamental ones, namely S. A closely-planted row of palms forms an impregnable hedge and the very spiny leaves are also cut to construct fences[ ].

The bark of the petioles may be used for matting. The seeds are sown directly in the field seeds together mmanisan 5 cm deep holes or in nursery beds. To rejuvenate the palm, farmers usually push the stem back into the ground and earth it up.

In Java a fungus disease provisionally identified as Mycena sp.