LSMW Tools LSMW stands for legacy system migration workbench and it is a special form of data migration that is used in SAP, to transfer data from legacy. LSMW is a tool used to tranfer data from legacy system to R/3 periodically or supports conversion of data and Batch Input,BAPI,IDOC or. SAP Practice Manager, Quality Systems & Software () This document contains Step-by-step instructions to use LSMW to update Customer.

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LSMW for Functional Consultants in simple step-by-step way

Thanks very much for the tutorial. This screen is used to upload the data. You can also follow the same steps for Change also. Just start from the step load your file. Enter the number of lines From 1 to 8 in this case, to see how it is showing in Converted Data and Say Ok. Double Click on the legacy data. Thanks for detailed explanation. Kindly search for similar question e. There should not be any check in the above two check boxes. Click on tick button. Now press on Table Maintenance as shown above by keeping your cursor on the Source Structure in blue color in the above screen shot.

In this case, that step is not required. You have the option to read only selected rows and convert data values to internal format. This is because of the recording mode that you have been selected. Permalink Apr 09, You can Process the session in foreground or background or can only display errors.

  ASTM D7565 PDF

Then delete the header rows as shown below: Based on the conversion rules defined, source fields are mapped to target fields. November 16, at 9: Permalink May 29, Now system will automatically takes you to fourth screen. This will confirm the data to be uploaded.

Remove the Blank Rows. dteps

Display read data This step is optional. Ideally there should not be any Idoc related steps should be visible. Recording is saved now. Create Recordings and enter the name ficoo the recording. These are user defined subroutines that are used in the object for processing the data.

SAP LSMW Tools Steps | Migrate data using LSMW – SAP Training Tutorials

There are four Modes of Data Zap After completing the recoding the system will automatically take you to the second step as shown below: Automatically Maintain Field mapping and Conversion Rules will be selected. Ravi Many thanks Farhan. Whatever, field names that you have changed in the structure should also appear here. Please let me know if you have any doubts.

Select Fixed Width and click next. All are in normal color only.

Please share with mw subcontracting and stock transport order process. These fields are called “technical fields” are marked with “Default setting”.

Steps to create a simple LSMW using batch input recording – ABAP Development – SCN Wiki

Suppose a file contains header rows and item rows, we can specify the first field as the indicator say ‘H’ for a header and ‘I’ for Item. Long term planning Simulative MRP is used to simulate the future demand and supply setps in Save the source structure and go to the main screen.


Do not make any changes. What a nice blog — thank you for sharing this detailed manual. An ID with a maximum of 10 characters to name the business object. The Object may contain many structures and many source structures.

Very helpful thank you Ravi Sankar Venna. Ok thanks i will execute in the foreground in the last step.


Keep the cursor in the Sheet 2 A1 and then. No search term specified. Ravi Sankar Venna Post author. Source Filed is used to identify whether a certain record should go to the specified structure.

April 8, at 1: Give some Unique name for Project, Subproject and Object. An ID with a maximum of 10 characters to name the business object.

Step 4 – Maintain Structure Relationships The Structures which are needed for the processing of the data need to be assigned here. June 21, at 8: Hope this will make the things clear at your end.