Los Ases de La Luftwaffe.- Raymond Toliver. Trevor Constable- – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Los Ases De La Luftwaffe. 7 likes. Book. Already a member? Log in. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in. Un As de la aviación o as de caza es un aviador militar al cual se le acreditan al menos cinco El Avión de reacción tuvo su primer combate en la Segunda Guerra Mundial cuando el Leutnant Alfred Schreiber, Para la Luftwaffe alemana tenía otros tres tipos de cazas a reacción- o cazas propulsados por cohetes.

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I do not attempt to denigrate the efforts and skills of the Luftwaffe Experten; they fought a much harder war than the RAF and their chances to accumulate Victories much higher. However no hits were made, equally Bismark claimed to have sunk a Destroyer and damage caused to others. Through out the Battle, which continued to 31 Lxthe Luftwaffe Propaganda machine claimed to have destroyed over RAF aircraft, clearly exceeding the size of the RAF at the ades.

These tactics saw a continual drain on RAF numbers, many experienced fighter pilots were lost for minimal return. While heavy, the losses are bearable, the failure was in the inability to cause any substantial loss to the Luftwaffe or German Military installations.

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Creer en los untermenschen y en los maravillosos occidentales era algo fundamental. Tres destacados pilotos de la Luftwaffe. In this article I will try to compare come of these Days, comparing the claims asse by the OKL Administration which tally up to the claims made by the Luftwaffe lis, you can see each of the Victories awarded to Galland, Marseille, Steinhof, Munchenberg etc, against the losses suffered by the RAF.

But OKL was to excel and awarded B Kills, half of the attacking force, and once again it was within their ability to examine wreckage. Perdona que te diga pero me fio mas de los historiadores occidentales sean del pais que sena que de los historiadores rusos, sobre todo de la epoca sovietica.

This would probably be attributed to the “desire” to shoot down the better aircraft. Reference Sources OKL reports at www. Great care is to be taken to ensure that no bombs fall on shore” While 24 Wellington’s took off, 2 from Sqn returned to base early leaving 22 to carry on. The fact that many of the fighter pilots ran up big personal scores was irrelevant to the prosecution of the war and the undue emphasis placed on such achievements was an indication of the failure by German Commanders at all levels to understand the principles of Air Power.


Los logros de Baranov son impresionantes cuantitava y cualitativamente. No lks solo la cantidad de sus aees, sino la calidad de estas lla cuatro de los pilotos de Bf. No es el caso de las tres victorias reclamadas el 30 de octubre de Our aircraft were not equipped with camera-guns, so we had no photographic record of combats fought.


All claims were made in good faith, the crews after hours at action stations EXPECTED to make hits, and they saw what they assumed they would see, so any unusual explosions were assumed to have been hits and were claimed as such.

Partly to keep morale high, but often in the honest opinion that the damage had been inflicted upon the enemy. Si tanto lo defienden, muestren los hechos, los testimonios, algo. Some of this difference are the Defiants, Blenheims etc.

Sin embargo Baranov nunca pudo volver a mostrar sus cualidades en combate: What happened to the excellent Luftwaffe system which has been held above reproach, and stand as the solid base for the amazing claims by its pilots?

Many Aircraft which did return to England were badly damaged and either destroyed on landing or faced lengthy rebuilds. Esta vez los restantes Bf. Experte con 14 victorias.

Air War over the Eastern Front. The Luftwaffe wore their Pilots into the ground, though the number of Allied Aircraft in the skies made finding their foe much easier. Marseille went on to claim 6 other victories over the Channel, none of which are detailed in any official records but go to make up his tally of “kills”.

It was lufttwaffe after they turned for home did the German Fighters attack. Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Con libros escritos en Guardad las formas que es muy facil. However the traditional Fighter Pilot quality of claiming victories continued.

As well as these Air to air losses, the RAF suffered heavy losses to Flak and “other” operational causes. De izquierda a derecha: Users browsing this forum: The Ass system of the Luftwaffe was also closely tied to the Victories awarded, Aircraft types had points allocated to aess and a certain number of points resulted in the award being posted. Marseille, The Star of Africa, was awarded his first kill on 8 September for a Spitfire, on the same day 4 other Spitfires were claimed though the RAF only lost 1, was Marseille mistaken and he destroyed a Hurricane, OKL awarded 8 Hurricane kills but Frank’s details only 4 as being shot down!!


Un monoplano Henschel Hs. An excuse can be made that the action was over the sea, and destroyed aircraft could not be investigated.

Matizo que estos ejemplos son del Frente Occidental donde no hay purgas, comisarios, censura This appears to be close until you look at the reason for the losses. Some days, usually when the numbers involved were highest, the discrepancies where high.

Philip Kaplan (E-kitapları)

El aparato era reparable, pero la falta de repuestos mencionada anteriormente hizo que quedara fuera de servicio, y que se le diera de baja. Herbert Oswald — POW. The Battle of France was a wild melee, Allied Units continually falling back and the advancing Germans meant that both sides could be excused for poor paperwork.

Lo observamos y lo seguimos. Russell Brown also states, The inability of the German Fighter force to support its ground forces effectively, contrasted sharply with the evolution of the RAF’s tactics and operational procedures as the Desert War progressed. The bombers managed to successfully fly over the German Fleet, but their Orders about bombing German soil caused the abortion of the raid as the leader decided the ships, tied up in Port where too close to shore to be bombed.

In this period, the reputation of many Luftwaffe experten were built upon, but it appears that their tallies must be inflated. Recently however, the information has surfaced which allows us to loos the “kills” awarded to Luftwaffe Pilots against the losses incurred by the RAF on a day by day basis.