Regnum Romanum) – okres w dziejach starożytnego Rzymu trwający według tradycji od . Według Liwiusza Romulus został pierwszym królem Rzymu. Tytus Liwiusz “Dzieje od założenia miasta Rzymu”. 1 like. Book. TYTUS LIWIUSZ. DZIEJE RZYMU OD ZAŁOŻENIA MIASTA. Seria: Biblioteka Przekładów z Literatury Antycznej,. Ksiegi VI-X. Nakładegz. WYDAWNICTWO.

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The events described by Livy 26, 36ini- tiated by the consuls, the aim of which was to collect funds for the army, demanded a great amount of labour from the triumviri mensariis. The Politics of Freedom and Obligation, London Behemot or The Long Parliament, red.

As a consequence a kind of public bank was created, in which there were five citizens. Qui rem difficillimam tractatu et plerumque parti utrique, semper certe alteri gravem cum alia moderatione tum impendio magis liwiysz quam iactura sustinuerunt. William Haller, New Yorkvol.

Gajusz Skryboniusz Kurion (trybun 50 p.n.e.)

Jones, The Bankers of Puteoli: III, Madridp. A Coherence Theory, Indianapolis Thus mensarii had a very difficult task to fulfil.

The debt which became a nationwide problem was the subject of earlier legislative regulation which had not been related to debt but had establi- shed the maximum value of the rate collected. Najber, Observatiunculae de iure Romano, [in: The first regulation within the sphere of the maximum value of the collected rate was established by the Twelve Tables Law,22 which did not however lliwiusz the practice which consisted of adding the interest unpaid in due time to the amount of the basic loan.

They collected gold, silver as well as the bronze mint coins.


Atilii aedem Concordiae, quam L. Pollera, Un intervento di politica economica nel IV sec. We should not, howe- ver, confuse mensarii with argentarii.

Tytus Kwinkcjusz Flamininus

This commission probably had vast power. It was a safe and sure form of a deposit since resources entrusted to the state were easily reclaimable.

A Theory of Freedom: There is no doubt that since the 4th cen- tury BC mensarii were bank officials. However, unlike the preceding five-man commission they were not appointed once, in this case we can speak about a certain type of office which operated at least until BC.

I, Milanop. The plebiscite also introduced the quadruplum penalty which consisted of an obligation to pay the value four-fold of unduly collected interest. A Theory of Freedom and Government, Oxford It was a nationwide problem which could lead to social unrest.

Gajusz Licyniusz Macer Starszy – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Atilius Regulus, qui bis consul fuerat, et L. At first, two types of names were used to denominate bankers: Isaiah Berlin, London Studies in honour of Raymond Bogaert, Studia Hellenistica 44p. I, New Yorkp. The Case of Shipmony briefly discoursed, [w: A Historical Argument, Philadelphia Cum haec inclinatio animorum plebis ad susti- nendam inopiam aerarii fieret, pecuniae quoque pupillares primo, deinde viduarum coeptae conferri, nusquam eas tutius sanctiusque deponere credentibus qui deferebant quam in publica fide; inde si quid emptum paratumque pupillis ac viduis foret, a quaestore perscribebatur.

Action, Nationality and Citizenship: Manavit ea privatorum benignitas ex urbe etiam in castra, ut non eques, non cen- turio stipendium acciperet, mercennariumque increpantes vocarent qui accepisset. Tarwacka, Publiczne prawo rzymskie, Warsawp. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Aeli Paeti, qui ceciderant pugna Can- dziehe. However, triumviri mensariis, as opposed to the preceding five-man commission, were not ap- pointed just once, but it was the case of an office which existed at least rzieje BC,30 since Livy in several fragments of the story mentioned cer- tain of their competences.


Observations upon some of his Majesties late Answers and Expresses, [w: Bartosz Szolc-Nartowski, Warszawa In the cited excerpt a slight mistake might have appeared and its author meant another term related to people involved in banking, namely mensularus.

Storia di una magistratura minore, Napolip. Mensari quinqueviri mensarii acted as bankers on behalf of and rzumu the benefit of the state.

A Life, London. Meriti aequitate curaque sunt, ut per omnium annalium monumenta celebres nominibus essent; fuere autem C.

What is more, there appeared the term nummularius, which might suggest several hypotheses. Ita- que hsii classes habere atque ornare volumus populum Romanum, pri- vatos sine recusatione remiges dare, nobismet ipsis primum dzeije. Politics and Ideology in EnglandLondon Talamanca, Argen- tarii, cit.

The commission was established by the virtue of de quinqueuiris mensariis creandis plebiscite. It may be concluded that the plebiscite was passed during a very tense political situation.

Hunc consensum senatus equester ordo est secutus, equestris ordinis plebs. Mensarii arouse general respect and es- teem as far as their activity was concerned.