We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras: Linhof M, Master Technika, Technorama, Techno Rollex. Instructions for what? The Linhof owners manuals are decent with telling you all the features of the camera, and how not to break it. Now if you. Manufacturer, Model, Type of Equipment. Click on the name of your model to see what we have available for it. Linhof, Expert 70, Medium/Large Format Camera.

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Linhof could tell you where to find a manual,or get you one http: It’s good for the basics. Stroebel’s View Camera Technique is one example, although it’s a bit dry. I can’t search manuap now, because I’m at work, and my employer blocks YouTube!

Detailed instruction manual for Linhof Techika IV ?

There doesn’t tend to be highly detailed manuals on particular LF cameras. If I can get a vedio, it will be very helpful. Well since David obviously isn’t getting the answers he needs- even from the ones that were taught over a two year span, can anyone let him manusl where he can find a “real photographer” to ask?


Here are some past threads with book recommendations: A Tech IV manual can be found here It may have some transferable knowledge about technical and press cameras, although it won’t have anything specific to your Linhof.

Where I can find the instruction with all details?

I found the instruction manu was for master Technica V lnhof it was too simple since I am new for this camera. Professional tools never came with the simple how to use books you see with modern consumer products, esp sixty years ago.

Linhof Historical Literature – Instruction Manuals

It’s an amzingly simple and solid design. Google might help as well. Detailed instruction manual for Linhof Techika IV? The bottom right knob is the geared rise and is designed to stay place – no locking knob is needed.

Now if you are looking for instructions on how to use the camera, that’s why people went to school full time for 2 years to learn the “how to do it”. Here are some manual websites: Once you understand the principles, it is relatively easy to use a particular LF camera. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Ansel Adams’s The Camera is fun to read, and mahual.


Linhof did publish a book called “Linhof Practice”, maual it is somewhat of a catalog, and sells at collector’s price levels. I sort of remember some books about using press and view cameras, they were probably published in the s- s.

Instruction Manuals — LAFLEX Camera

Your name or email address: You could check some local used book stores, or your local public library. They linnof many editions of a book called Graphic Graflex Photographywhich you can find readily on ebay for ten or twenty dollars.

The Linhof owners manuals are decent with telling you all the features of the camera, and how not to break it. As already suggested, you will probably find a general LF photography how-to book helpful. Share This Page Tweet.