______ DIVISIONAL OFFICE. FORM OF RECEIPT FOR THE SURRENDER VALUE OF POLICY NO. Surrender Value including Cash Value of Bonus and premiums refundable on account of occupation extra and / or / (Rev.). Online Forms. LIC’s Pensioner’s Page. Claims Under Regular Life Insurance Policies Death Claims: The person legally entitled to receive the policy monies. – Online Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Mediclaim, PA, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance.

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LICI : Downloads

Can you please also tell me how many days it took for you to get the amount credited. It surrendfr not important for you to submit these documents personally. Neeraj Sinha June 18, at Could you please advice me is there any way to get my money back now?

It gives me an idea to processd further on right way thanks a lot for saving unnecessary queries and time. The problem here is that the LIC agent, who gets the commission on regular luc should assist us in all policy associated matters.

Hello Sir, Once i submit all my lic docs to cancel the policy, how many days they take to refund my policy amount? Only a cancelled cheque is needed along with the mandate form, can be sent fprm any reliable courier or Postal department. Bhaskar Reddy September 2, at 8: Neeraj Sinha October 2, at 4: True, even I scanned through the LIC site but couldn’t find any info on cancellation. Present Badge No and Department No Senthil Kumar June 18, at You may use the following sample letter: You can alternately also download a copy from my post and use a printout of the same.


You can check with them on fom penalty.

FAQ – How to surrender LIC Policy?

Hi Rani, As far as I recollect, it took around days for me to get back my money. It should forn on Agent to assist the clients, and LIC should enforce this as well. You also need to enclose a cancelled cheque Do not strike on the Account Number of Branch Address on the cheque.

Really great, hats-of to you.

Surrender Form Form No 5074 3510

Anonymous March 21, at 4: I filled up my form and submitted the same through my agent and the processing happened in around 20 days. Neeraj Sinha February 19, at surrenrer Hi Neeraj, I’m planning to surrender my policy for which I’d paid third year premium in Feb The form says Bangalore division. Poojary Leeladhara January 28, at 4: Also, my policy itself is accumulation of 20 policies Once you have all these documents ready, you need to send them along with your Original Policy Certificate to the Branch where you hold your LIC Policy.

Hi, Please go to the nearest LIC offic, provide the above details and ask them what would be the refund amount.

Hi Salim, You can approach your agent to cancel your policy. Walk down to the nearest LIC office and collect the form from there. Hi Thitherwards, we do need to send the original Policy Document along with the filled forms. How much annual premium is advisable to pay befor surrendering the policy?

You save me lot of time and trouble: Now I want to close my policy for personal reasons. Surrender form for Delhi can be downloaded from link below.


Also, can my agent help me cancel the policy or do I need to follow the steps you mentioned for a speedier refund? Hey Avi, It has been long back I filled in these forms. AVI July 22, at 3: I have one question, While surrendering, do we need to sign anywhere on the original policy document?

Let me know if you have any specific question. Anonymous April 14, at 5: I dont have a background on how old is your policy and when you had done the NEFT mandate.

This post does not aim at urging people to surrender their LIC Policies. Hi, I wrote this post with my experience on surrendering my LIC policy.

Downloads: LIC Form – 5074 & 3510 – for Surrender Value

Can we use the form in any state? Surrendwr can check this at the nearest LIC Office. Anonymous February 9, at 8: Nilesh Kamath October 3, at Hi Neeraj, I have just taken a LIC Money back policy but after anaysing this policy i have found that it is not beneficial for me and now i want to cancel this policy Could you plz help me out.

Hari, The money got credited into my savings account in about 20 days. I agree that the agent should assist you with your queries.

Hello, Just a basic query, bit associated to what people have been quoting above.