Level 7 (Library of American Fiction) [Mordecai Roshwald, David Seed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Level 7 is the diary of Officer . (Uncredited cover for the edition) /5 (Very Good) I recently received a copy of Modecai Roshwald’s Level 7 () from 2thD at. In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button.

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Oct 24, Michael Scott rated it liked it Shelves: I had not heard of this roshwakd, your review makes me want to find it. Well, I recommend the more acknowledged classics first so you get a sense of the era. All the buttons are pressed, and in 2 hours 58 minutes the world is eradicated.

Dec 17, Veeral rated it really liked it Shelves: So glad to have found your blog where you review these terrific older books with perceptive eyes and mind.

Definitely going onto the TBR pile. When the trio military, politicians, and technology experts realize that a second-strike policy that is, a policy of being roehwald to strike back after a nation’s own annihilation, for example by launching a retaliatory and equally annihilating attack roshwzld from an impenetrable bunker is technically feasible, both nations act upon it and set up a set of automated tools.

Book Review: Level 7, Mordecai Roshwald () | Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

The book is written as if it is a diary kept by X and records his eventual decent into despair and madness. I took the plunge, punched the button, and decided to give the book a try. But things don’t go as expected. When the day of horror finally arrives, our man records the events and his thoughts and feelings, and he later discovers that the truth about this war is more horrifying and depressing than he had previously imagined.


The extinction of humanity has taken four months from the time that the missiles were first fired. He and his fellow workers are told that they must live in the bunker forever and will never be levdl to return to the surface. For example, the protagonist is known only as X from whose personal diary “Level 7” takes form.

Book Review: Level 7, Mordecai Roshwald (1959)

Hogan Time Storm by Gordon R. Sometimes I’ve marveled at how kids seem to enjoy horror stories, how modern kids I know gravitate to horror films.

Apr 30, Michelle Kisner rated it it was amazing. The lowest level, Level 7, houses the main character X who is a “button pusher”. Level 7 is of paramount importance for complete war: They are sequestered underground and wait for the order, which does not fail to arrive.

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Review – “Level 7” by Mordecai Roshwald

Thankfully, much like war it described, this book was levfl. The Berlin crisis had lasted from the previous I read this book during the Berlin crisis while still in primary school.

He wrote very little — which is a shame….

Apr 14, John Walsh rated it it was amazing. PBX Officer X decides to write a diary of his experiences, and the book takes the shape of this diary. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They are apparently the last human beings on Earth to perish, and X is the very last one at the story’s conclusion. Without any ties to the surface, the pushbutton officers can carry out their orders without hesitation.


I struggled with whether to give this three or four stars.

The characters, besides being wooden in expression, lack believability – – always obeying orders although there is little stick, to the point where the reader can easily find the main actors as mere puppets. X is the last human being on Earth, as he writes, “a distinction amid extinction. Certainly thought provoking and worth reading.

Science fiction was already an addiction and I’d put away a book or two a day when school wasn’t in session. Of course, such a marriage will be like none on the surface due to the restricted living arrangements. He’s part of the machine.

I do recommend that you don’t read the lengthy, scholarly introduction until you’ve read roahwald book though, as it is full of spoilers. Feb 18, Miles rated it really liked it Shelves: X is deployed to the 7 th level of a vast underground complex — the level responsible for the offensive capabilities of their nuclear arsenal Level 6 is defensive, Level 5 is living quarters for the elite and political classes, roshwakd.

A couple from Level 3 go out to report on conditions, and are dead within roshwalf days, finding nothing but ash and darkness.