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Well Harry Potter 4 draws to a close and I’ve already checked out 5 from the library that I’d started before 4 but didn’t finish coz I’m assured it will make it back to England soon! Great link thank you. I’m already well into another P D James Muerte de un forense which I’m quite enjoying I read odd pages whilst flying to Heathrow and back last week in high winds – some dodgy landings: Descuida; no te preocupes; – no doubt there are better answers out there.

A funny little expression from HP6: It’s transmitted by mosquitoes but the variety that feeds in the day.

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I recommend three series of LOST to get you back on track! Kinsflla discovering that the Forum is far more extraordinary than I’d realized.

I suppose it was because Voldemort stole the magic wand from Morfin that I felt a de would be more appropriate than the a. Just a few words: I’ve had ‘Como Agua para Chocolate’ lying around. I still find it far easier to go into Control Panel, Regoinal and Language, and set up a separate Spanish keyboard.

Editions of The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

Wouldn’t that explain the le rather than lo? Larger than normal smattering of words, especially: Hey, you’re showing off now with all those links! See our Returns Policy. Murder, torture, mutilation, treachery and worse still, cheating.


I’ll make a note of your recommendations for when I visit Casa del Libro next April. It is a quiet afternoon European Time so I guess that’s why the post didn’t get the normal delete.

I like his easy style and I whizzed through it fairly quickly. I’ve finished Un impulso criminal by PD Kinsellx and it was a brief and fairly dull tale – I’m caxa to report. I’ve just got to see more examples and then I may be a little more comfortable with it. La doctora Cole finished.

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We exchanged quite a few e-mails, he was a very interesting chap. Ana les dio el dinero a sus hijos.

BTW, Linsella tell you a secret I don’t think ‘by her bed was a town in Mexico’ would really have been quite right. I haven’t seen this before -is it a standard phrase, using the two subjunctive forms together like that?

Neither good nor bad. Wow, what a book!

La Reina De La Casa by Sophie Kinsella 8498381754 0000 Paperback

Sounds right to me, even though the Irish flavor of the expression gets lost in the process. The magazine in that will keep me going a few days- it includes a good article with Robert de Nero. Yep, heard that too. I see that nobody has explained “tocapelotas” yet Whilst a “fiddler’s fart” is a very common expression in Ireland, something like “pedo de paleto” whilst conforming with the alliteration rules, as a completely made up expression that nobody had ever heard of, would sound very strange.

I’ve enjoyed all his books and this has made a promising start – dd about standards of sophle preparation and big business. The next page also has sophiie The usual smattering of words which needed a visit to WordReference or RAE – here are some of the ‘interesting’ ones: That’s my problem, even if the ce meaning is reasonably clear I get bogged down in detail.


I’m also an avid reader, though, reading anything from so;hie to non-fiction and travel books. OK I would go for ‘put on a show’ as a decoding of that phrase, but given the context I think I would translate that as ‘we have seen them make an exhibition of themselves A similar word is in Collins Complete dieciochesco: But surely, in a language as rich and as expressive as Spanish, there must be an alliterative phrase that describes a trivial action from an insignificant person and would have meant more to a Kinnsella reader than what he actually wrote.

I asked him why he had done this, and he said he had had big problems with this, but basically in Spanish, there is no such thing as a fiddler, a violinista is the nearest! Insight 3 – tener de hermano I would put as ‘to have as a brother’ as in ‘to have a meddling idiot like you as a brother’.

He will need it, dealing with Lopera while not having much to work kinse,la given the existing squad and the limited money available. I normally let these things go but this is bugging me because: