Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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The moon can become a light and take up the job, Of doing neerajanam [12] to your face,without any expectation for a long time. Let us be protected by the divine god Krishna, Who is the support to the support less, Who has eyes like the lotus flower of autumn, Who steals our mind by his extremely sweet blue form, And who is surrounded by lasses of Vruja with lotus like eyes And is subdued by the arrows of the God of love.

We are able to see the blue coloured Krishna, Whose cheeks are tinged red due to the, Kadamba flower bunches hanging in his ear, Who is pure and who is beyond the reach of words. With a face which is complete with prettiness, With a smile which shows the capability of sweetness, And with a vision reflecting youthfulness of mercy, His form fulfills the avarice of my eyes.

Let all our desires be fulfilled by that great light, Which due to their luck appeared, before the lovelorn doe eyed damsels, Who were sad because of the absence of Krishna, Which is blue like the blue lotus held by Goddess Lakshmi, And which has the only ornament of body hairs standing erect. Let me be protected by Krishna with a flute in hand And surrounded by the lasses of Vruja, Who wears peacock feather on his head, Whose pretty forehead is decorated by Thilaka of musk, Whose ears are decorated by very soft leaves, Who wears a gem stud on his nose, And wears near the Kousthuba gem garland, Another one made of a very scented mandhara flowers.

Let the result of the good deeds of Devaki protect us, Who stands with bare body and with a turban, And with the whip held tightly with his teeth, Who scratches the back of the horses, taking them to the river, And who gives bath to the horses by taking water in his hands.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Before my eyes grows fast the Krishna principle, Which is engaged karnamruthm newer and newer plays every day, Which due to his pretty face wearing cooling smile, melts even the heart of Arundathi, And the prettiness of which is being appreciated by the love God himself, And which for ever lives in the breasts of pretty ladies of Vruja clan.

The very pretty lotus like face of the Lord assumes, A perplexed look when he himself starts appreciating, The soulful and strange music ,that flows from his flute. Oh Lord of Gopis, My mind, is quivering, By the pretty tinkling sound of your gem studded anklets, And imagined, seeing a lotus forest in the river Yamuna, And saw pretty swans swimming and singing sweetly there.

Let there be victory to the light in the form of a child, Which is ever full by the length of its broad eyes, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, Which is the personification of the plays of children, Which is being enjoyed by connoisseurs again and again, By leaving out jobs which are hard to perform, And which lives on the breast of Gopis who are proud of their youth.

Thaditha mupanatham thamala neelam, Tharala vilochana tharabhi ramam, Mudhitha mudhitha vakthra chandra bimbam, Karnamrrutham venu vilasi jeevitham may. Chikuram bahulam viralam bramaram, Mrudhulam vachanam vipulam nayanam, Adharam madhuram vadanam lalitham, Chapalam charitham cha kadhanu bhave.

Let my mind be decorated by the very pretty Indra neela stone, Which was born out of the womb of Devaki, Which was got from Vasudeva, By the blessed cowherd Nanda gopa by giving away his kfishna child, Who is krizhna centre stone of the gem studded chain of Gopa boys, And who is a great ornament for the damsels of Gopa clan.

Wonderful are the lotus feet of Krishna appearing before me, Wonderful are the lotus like eyes of Krishna appearing before me, Wonderful rkishna the lotus like face of Krishna appearing before me, And Oh mother everything about Lord Krishna is wonderful. There is a story that people were sent to Trivandrum to get a full book as only the first chapter was available in Andhra Pradesh. Rugmani during her marriage was seeing the image of Krishna, Who was shining like a blue sapphire stone, On karnsmrutham pearls of her chain lying over her very high breasts, Feigning that she was shy and again and again became kagnamrutham, And let her happiness krisuna the cause of your happiness.


The sea waters were not even able fill the hair follicles, Of him when he incarnated as the boar, But now Yasoda is easily able to give him bath, With two hand full of water to him with the lotus eye. Oh Krishna Krnamrutham at any time I have full faith in you, Then I would get salvation and is it necessary, To tell that other small pleasures would automatically follow? This form of great light, which is sweet to the mind, Which has firmness in the tender feet, fleshiness in the calf, Thickness in the hips, lotus in the stomach, Length in the arms, breadth in the chest, Sweetness in the lips, dense nature of the hair, Youthfulness in the face, shine in the eyes, And uses forest krlshna for decoration, is indeed wonderful.

I pray, that cowherd who is the full moon of GokulaWho is more attractive than love God Sitting below wish giving tree, And playing the flute sweetly, And is rkishna between ,arnamrutham, Gopis and Gopas. I am seeing a light, which is again and again drunk, By the Gopa maidens who have drowned themselves, In the flow of nectar of the light of the eyes, Which are red and wide like a hibiscus flower, And also drowned in the repeated play of the divine power, Which has a moon like face, decorated by drops of sweat, And prettily walks around with its lotus like little feet.

Andholithagra bhujamakula nethra leelaa, Mardhra smithar dhrava vadanambhuja chandra bimbam, Sinjena bhooshana satham sikhi pincha moulim, Seetham vilochana rasayana mabhuyupaithi. Madhura madhura bimbe, manjulam manda hase, Sisiramamrutha vakye, seethalam drushi pathe, Vipulamaruna nethre, visrutham venu nadhe, Marakatha mani neelam Balam aalokayaama.

Let the Gopa child who can easily be seen In Upanishads, the acme of VedasAnd in the heart of those who learn karamrutham And in the lotus like feet of Gopi maidens, And who is inexplicable to the mind And is the limit of prettiness of the world, Krushna all our desires for ever.

Oh God, let there be few or thousands of very lucky people, Let there be very many people competing to be most pretty, Let the God of love, Indra and others compete for this, But I do not consider them as some one worth competing, For telling the real truth, in prettiness or in being lucky, Being in their acme, it is only in you and you only.

The luck of Prahladha, who lives in the cave of the mountain of Vedas, Who is denoted by the word Narasimha, karnamruthham removes the sorrow of krishma, Is the concept that is suitable for my prayer.

Published by Sree Gaudiya Math in Madras. His childishness, his lotus like face, His kindness, his playful looks, His handsomeness, his pretty smile, Truly and truly are not seen with any other God.

For a very long time the love for Krishna, Who is sweet, has a sweet smile and a festival for the eyes, Has been dominating my mind and so how can I ever hear, Advice about worshipping Gods,other than the king of my heart?

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam – Wikipedia

I pray Jrishna who has the prime beauty of childhood, Who is krixhna the colour of the blue cloud, And runs about, with tinkling ornaments of the leg, With forehead, is decorated with a dot, With golden belt on hips to which jingling bells are tied, And With a garland with a nail of tiger on his neck, In the melee of hoards of cows being milked by several people. I worship that karjamrutham child with blue colour, Who is the boundary of cleverness, Who is source of very temporal glances, Who has pretty eyes nurtured by the waves, Of the nectar like sea of prettiness, Who is honoured by the side long glances of Lakshmi, Who is interested in playing by the sandy shores of river Yamuna, And who begot a son who was the God of love.

Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, With your broad eyes changing according to the context, Especially showing lovely emotions,when you talk with love To the Gopi maidens mostly consisting of sweet nothings. Victory to my life involved in composing a prayer, About him,who wears the feather of the exuberant peacock, About him whose lotus like face attracts even the love god, And about him who is deceived by the eyes of damsels of Vruja [4].

In this present time, when will I karnamruthaam able to see the God, Who has a pretty lotus like face, who often sees all the four sides, Krishnaa keeps on playing in his karnamruthsm, different Ragas as he pleases, Who has ever shifting karjamrutham and who has extremely bewitching eyes. Dhenupala dhayothaasthana sthali, Dhanya kunkuma nadha kanthaye, Venu Geetha gathi moola vedhase, Thejase thadidhamom namo nama.

Let him who is having a whip in his hands as red as the hibiscus flower, Who is wearing moving ornaments like chain, gem studded ear rings and waist belt And whose face is all over coated with drops of sweat, And who is as blue as a water rich cloud and Who is an ornament to the chariot of Arjuna protect us.


Oh Gods of the forest, what is the use of beauty of this forest to you? Let the learned ones who are experts in epics search within, The cave of their mind, the god who is a divine concept, But we would prefer to drown in the sea of nectar like stories, Of the childish pranks of the son of Yasodha.

We have developed great love towards that light, Which is filled with sweetness, which attracts the mind, Which has a moon like face with a symbol of sweet smile, And which is desired by eyes of al people of three worlds.

Let us be protected by the child form of Krishna, Which is the king of Yadavas, which is being drunk, By the mind of sages attracted by him from foot to head, And which is the taste which is enjoyed by Gopis.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

The body of this lord is sweeter than sweetest, His face with its slow smile and with the scent of krishnw, Is sweet to me and is sweeter than sweetest, Sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet. No, no, he is the one, who holds the mother earth, Is he the krishn with two toungues? May you live hundred years. Mother, What lord of Yadus, give me cup, What is the need, to drink milk, No it is not now, when is the time, at night, when is night, when it is dark.

Being the husband of the very pretty golden Rukhmani, And his chest being scented as he wears a garland called Vaijayanthi, And living in between Gopis in the gardens of Nanda The son of Devaki played flute extremely well.

Maara swayam nu madhura dhyuthi mandalam nu, Madhuryameva nu mano nayanamrutham nu, Vaneemra janu mama jeevitha vallabho nu, Baloysmabhyudhyathe mama lochanaya. In the middle of forest Madhava is singing, Keeping the flute near to his lips, And keeping his fingers near its holes, And playfully opening and closing those holes.

Madhuryena dwiguna sisuram vakthrachandram vahanthi, Vamsee veedhi vigaladha amrutha srothasaa sechayanthi, Madvaneenaam viharanapadam matha soubhagya bhaajaam, Math punyaanaam parinathiraho nethroyo sannidathe. Lotus like feet which is incomparable wealth of sages, And the lotus like face being the wealth of Vruja lasses. Let us be protected by the God who wears yellow silk, Whose fame is sung in the Gokula by the Gopis With their cloth flying round them when they churn the curds, During the end of the night with their teeth which are shining like moon, Keeping with the beat of the tinkling sound made by krisshna bangles with ebbing joy.

I surrender to him whom the worlds surrender, Who is the entire essence of love, Who decorates himself with peacock feathers, And who is born as a human being due to his will. I depend on the greatly shining form of a child Who defeats the sapphire by his light, who plays flute, whose prettiness is sweet, Who has the wonderful property of love, who is worshipped by Radha, Who is like a sea of prettiness, who transcends ordinariness, Kirshna has a naturally smiling face which is like the just opened lotus flower.

Let this work done by me, be as dear to you, As the food offered to you by Vidhura, The food and offerings by Kunthi, The food offered to you on Govardhana by the gopa boys, The beaten rice offered to you by your friend Kuchela, The breast milk of Yasoda, the hospitality of sage Bharadwaja, The fruit offered by Shabari, the lips of the lasses who loved you, And the love, hospitality and offerings of the wives of sages.

We have to daily meditate during the evenings, the mantra of son of Vasudeva, Who drove off the enemies of Vruja by the edge of the holy wheel, Who can never be defeated, who reduced the burden kroshna mother krishan, Who is surrounded by primeval gods, who is being praised by, Narada and other sages for determining meaning of philosophy, Who has a pure form, who is of incomparable prettiness, Who is of blue colour, who is the cause of birth, upkeep and death of the world, And who is the one God who grants salvation to his devotees.

We meditate upon that karnameutham light, Which is beyond words to describe, Which is an incomparable medicine, Which is dual less sweetness, And which is sandal paste applied on the breasts of Gopis. Let us be made pure by that Krishna.