The Konica Hexar AF has many talents, most of them hidden Now, before people go and get their knickers in a twist, I do sell all of the cameras. The Hexar AF has to be hands down one of the best made 35mm film AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films. I have now sold my Konica Hexar AF, but to be honest, I regret it somehow. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just.

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This page was last updated: High points include a fast sharp lens combined with incredibly quiet and fast operation — quieter and faster in operation than a Leica M6!!

Thanks and keep them coming! Lastly, manual focus with this camera is kind of a joke. That was back in the s. No problem in the shooting. Every change made it worse and worse and now I never go there any more.

Konica and Minolta merged to form Konica Minolta in While technically a point and shoot camera, the Konica Hexar AF is actually quite large in the hand.

5 Frames with a Konica Hexar AF – By James Nguyen

You Might Also Like. Retrieved from ” http: Reply lasousa August 22, at In fact, my Hexar does this now. Our affiliate has it with the mm kit lens a very nice lens at a great price! It was introduced to the market in Film loading, advance and rewind is motorised and automatic. In some ways it has no peer, justifying its “cult” camera status as the ideal stealth street camera. If you do have an original Hexar with the old software, get it updated as soon as you can.


I love how simple it is to operate this camera. A strange thing is that the LCD frame counter disappears whenever you depress the shutter release slightly: Generally a no-no for me, but the great thing is I use the Konica as it was intended, which is that I use it as a point and shoot.

Bought the first in — a time when I never could afford a full frame digital. Ko-Fi allows one off donations. They show signs of almost no use.

The source of this statement may be a pair of articles by Dante Stella [2] [3] where he states that photos taken with the Hexar have a similar “look” to those taken with a 35mm Summicron, but notes that the lens seems more similar to a Nikon 35mm f1. This site uses cookies. It is not known whether Sony acquired other photographic assets such as film camera designs or whether those are retained by Konica Minolta. It appealed with its superb lens and the general high quality of its construction.

The camera is well built, small, silent, lightweight, and gives you everything you need to take a good image in a compact package. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Where this camera really excels is candid, everyday shooting.

This Konica Hexar AF has been thoroughly tested and is verified to be in full working condition. The reason I say Photo.


It would be great for film sets or courtrooms. Focus remains locked until the shutter release is pressed fully or the button released. The Lost Konia of Hexar. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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They also released a Sf thread mount lens in 35mm focal length the UC Hexanon 35mm f2 in so-called L mount that is said to be a design descendant of Hexar camera’s 35mm f2 lens. Next Photo Of The Day: Honestly that was the only reason that I have moved to a Leica M camera. For a time, Konica offered an upgrade to retrofit these features to earlier-model cameras.

Additionally, getting to the ISO setting and making selections accordingly is weird. Pin It on Pinterest.

The Konica Hexar AF – Camera Legend

It is a beautiful camera with a very beautiful rendering. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Just like being used to the low budget Craigslist layout, I was used to the old school Photo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No cable release of any kind, the only substitute of sorts is the self timer. AE Lock combined with AF lock by slightly depressing shutter release. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.