Kepital® F Datasheet. Acetal (POM) Copolymer. Supplied by Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. Create your free Prospector account to view this. Informationen on KEPITAL® F POM grade from Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd. KEPITAL’s product range, from standard unfilled grades to specialties, is .. Shear strength of KEPITAL F at various temperatures. (ASTM D, t 3 mm, .

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Radiation intensity and other conditions; filter combinations, temperature, cycle configuration, are specifically set up according to the test method. Property under cyclic stress Designing based on a dynamic structure analysis, obtained where a part is subjected to loading once, can only provide information if a part can be used without fracture g20-03 the single loading environment.

It is important to preview all possible thermal properties; melting point, heat deflection temperature, coefficient of linear thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and long-term heat ageing resistance, prior to design. Check here, which other Kepital datasheets, f200-3 examples or technical articles are available in Material Data Center. We appreciate your input.


Because plastics have viscoelastic properties, creep strain is more readily exhibited than in metallic materials. Or if you don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register.

In addition high back pressure may be used to eliminate unmelted particles. In case of a high crystalline resin like KEPITAL, sometimes prolonged cooling time at high mold temperature may be applied to minimize the residual stress. Specific volume As shown in Figurethe molding shrinkage of KEPITAL results from both its high crystalline alignment in solidification and its thermal shrinkage from the molten state to the solid state as a function of temperature and pressure.

In mold fabrication, it is essential to previously review the dimensional precision, flow characteristics of the raw material, consistency of product and cost-effectiveness etc.

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In order to prevent odor nuisance, thermally damaged material can be cooled down in the water bath. MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Impact strength The impact strength is the energy to withstand a dynamic impact rather than static stress. A material with a high PV limit illustrates that it can be utilized under more severe operating conditions. With exposure to sunlight, plastics become very sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

Because the gate seal time changes mostly upon the shape of cross-section and mold temperature, a proper hold pressure time must be determined such that the weight and dimension of a molded product are within a certain range.


Those properties are determined from the stress and strain curve S-S curves that shows elastic and plastic behavior of a material under a dynamic load. Surface resistivity ASTM D is insulation resistance when certain voltage is applied across the surface of material. Appropriate injection pressure kpital ranges to bar.

Sales of plastic raw materials POM/South Korea engineering plastics/Kepital F20-03 BBK

However, to increase the efficiency of the dispersion of a color masterbatch color concentrates keital pigment, higher mixing by increasing back pressure may be required. Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. Slow injection speed Low mold temperature. However, long term properties show time dependent behavior. Finally part weight shows constant after the gate seal time.

In general, when the injection pressure increases, the shrinkage rate decreases. When a voltage is applied to an insulator and incrementally increased, if a certain limit is exceeded, large current suddenly flows to break down its insulation, and the limiting value of such voltage is referred to as dielectric strength. Engineering parts are often subjected to the kepitap by stress or strain which is applied repeatedly and periodically over a long period.

Unlike metals, most thermoplastic materials are insulators with a low thermal conductivity. Therefore, when designed, the fatigue properties of a material should be considered.

If long-period interruption is expected, f2-003 feeding granule and entirely eject out material from the cylinder and then lower cylinder and nozzle temperatures. Screw rotational speed versus screw diameters Screw diameter 25 mm 40 mm kpital mm Screw rotational speed rpm 70 A back pressure of bar is generally kpeital. If other materials are introduced and mixed, caution is required because problems including contamination, lamination, and deterioration of physical properties arise.

Arc resistance may sometimes be influenced by moisture, dust, etc. In general OEM specification recommends the outdoor testing be conducted by means of weather-o-meter or outdoor exposure in Florida and Arizona.

In order to obtain a high quality of oepital out of KEPITAL, the recommendations and check-points on the injection molding machine are the following:. To promote consistent tests with respect to differences in composition, testing fuels have been selected and used. The later has both a crystalline region and an amorphous region in the final product.

Resistance to light and f20–03 With exposure to sunlight, plastics become very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Increase clamping force Lower injection pressure or holding pressure Lower injection speed Repair mold. KEPITAL has the good stability in terms of mechanical properties and dimensions in contact with fuels even at evaluated temperature.


This includes all contents of this system. Users keputal more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see f02-03 original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units. When the melt improperly has a long residence time in the plasticizing unit, over-heating causes it thermal degradation, which results in discoloration, impairing mechanical properties etc.

When a plastic is continuously exposed to evaluated temperature, the mechanical properties gradually deteriorate. However, sometimes moisture that exists on the surface of pellet caused by improper handling or storage may result in a silver streak or nozzle drooling, so kkepital prior to molding may be necessary to prevent KEPITAL from these problems.

Decrease injection pressure and check for kepiyal or insufficient draft Clean mold surface Increase the number of ejecting pins Lower the mold temperature and increase mold close time. Privacy Policy Map Disclaimer. Arc Resistance Arc resistance ASTM D represents the time taken for insulation characteristics to be broken 2f0-03 by the current applied to the surface of an insulator.

Volume resistivity refers to kepitall electrical resistance of a material kepjtal is measured when an electric field is applied across the unit cube of a test specimen.

Therefore, the shrinkage rate must be taken into account in consideration of all possible keptial. The shrinkage value, provided by KEP can be utilized in designing a part in prototype step. Troubleshooting guide for KEPITAL Troubleshooting guide for KEPITAL Processing problem Causes Remedies Sticking in cavity Higher resistance to eject force Insufficient cooling time Decrease injection pressure and check for undercut or insufficient draft Clean mold surface Increase the number of ejecting pins Lower the mold temperature and increase mold close time Short shot Insufficient flowability by low melt or mold temperature Improper design with small gate or narrow flow channel Unbalanced filling Insufficient metering stroke Increase the cylinder temperature and mold temperature.

It is therefore important to ensure the nozzle is never frozen or obstructed during processing. Most of the time affecting the cooling time is the hold time.

The wear occurs from mechanism motions such as abrasion, adhesion and fatigue etc among two or more sliding materials.