ANALYSIS By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Editor Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered. Julius Caesar in 47 BC, not Jose Mourinho in. José Mourinho forgot happiness need not be a weakness 2 Ken Early: Like Napoleon, Mourinho is the outsider always trying to prove himself. of José Mourinho’s leadership approach, Soccer & Society reading, posing in their stadium, veni, vidi, vici, letting emerge48 a new reality in.

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He has worked wonders by mourknho great energy levels, synthesis and cohesion from his players. Pavan Mano Pavan Mano dreamt of playing football professionally from young — a dream partially fulfilled when he played for his college for two years. He was faced with the challenge of overcoming title holders Barcelona in the semi-finals beating them on aggregate having lost by a goal at Nou Camp which Mourinho described as the most beautiful defeat in his life.

Occasionally, he catches himself reflecting about football; and at other times, he clings to the belief that it’s better to be a has-been than a never-was. They are definitely not 15 points apart in terms of quality; this match proved that. Vci make matters more impressive still, there have only been 11 Italian managers in Premier League history, meaning over a third are or rather will be very shortly Premier League winners.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby – Back Page Football

Real Madrid have won both the league and the domestic cup since Mourinho took charge. Jlse doesn’t usually stay around for long, but long enough to savour success, to vest in victory – wherever he goes. This was City laying down a marker for the future.

It is also exactly what Mancini needs to do at Man City. In bleak contrast, since the beginning of the Premier League era, English is the only nationality not to have won the top flight of its own country. Myriad factors come into play, but still the question is begged: The grating whines that young British managers don’t get chances in the Premier League, might fall on more sympathetic ears if the foreigners coming in weren’t so darn good, and so much more experienced. And should Madrid fear failure too once Jose seeks to conquer foreign fields?


The quartet of Conte, Ranieri, Mancini and Ancelotti should not just be viewed as disparate, otherworldly super bosses hand picked from Europe at the expense of homegrown options, but rather as case studies in longevity and durability, and as a possible blueprint for building winners.

Despite the criticism, what still stands is the fact that Jose Mourinho is a fantastic manager of resources, and is consistently producing the highest possible standards of output trophies in the upper echelons of a vast, competitive industry that thrives on success and looks down very severely on failure.

From start to bitter end, Ranieri’s whirlwind rise and fall defied all explanation and rational analysis. After claiming the Champions League under Mourinho inPorto endured a chaotic campaign following their parting with the Portuguese, winning the Intercontinental Cup on penalties after an unconvincing display against Colombian club Once Caldas, but losing the league to Benfica and failing to make even the last 16 of their domestic cup competition.

Cowed, they have lost the game mentally even before they step onto the pitch, he claims. The advanced tactical nous and in-built fanaticism of the Azzurri may be a slightly tired, fetishised cliche, but there is undeniably something more going on that is breeding success among coaches time and again in a way that is fundamentally not happening in other countries.

It was also a chance for City to demonstrate that they were definitely as good as, or even superior to, if viri wanted to push the envelope a little bit further United. Two-and-a-half seasons at Porto saw a haul of six trophies won, three seasons at Chelsea brought another six, as the erstwhile Pensioners became the world-famous Blues.

In a uniformly structured world of Premier League ‘haves and have nots’, the Foxes, for a brief mourinhoo shining moment, tore apart the space time continuum of what was believed possible.

Throughout the season, United have demonstrated a ruthless consistency, something that City have not, but a lack of consistency must not be confused with quality. Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte wasn’t ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues. However, rather than being blacklisted, the young coach was given the opportunity at AC Milan, with whom he enjoyed his longest spell to date and took home two Champions League titles. Simply put, there were shades of idealism on one hand and ruthless pragmatism on the other.


Instead, this was City sending venj a message that they will definitely be back next season; United will have their work cut out for them retaining the title. Barring a fall almost ,ourinho great as Leicester’s rise, Chelsea will be Premier League champions and Conte, remarkably, will be the fourth Italian to win the competition as a manager since its inception 25 years ago.

In a sense, this was a Manchester derby that City absolutely had to win, to reassert the fact that although this was not their season, they will continue to be challenging for honors in seasons to come.

Jose Mourinho: ‘The Alexander of Europe’

For one, many Italian coaches seemingly possess a fluid approach and adaptability to travelling abroad in search of work and new challenges that is virtually unparalleled nourinho other nations, particularly those from the British Isles. Strength of character, determination, impeccable acumen and an unbelievable ability to instill belief and discipline among his vii, and sheer theatrical entertainment to boot; this is a man who will go down in history for his trebles and leave cult followings wherever he may roam.

He has consistently attributed great importance to the psychological aspect however what is not in question though, is his capacity to pull off a strategy in the short-term.

It also gives Mancini the freedom to rotate a few players in the next few matches as he tries to keep the squad fresh in their bid to retain the FA Cup. Mancini claimed before the game that the gap between the two sides was nowhere near the 15 points as reflected in the table — based on this showing he was right.

Jose Mourinho: “The Alexander of Europe” |

It ended to City — and what a crucial result it was. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Andrew Headspeath 13 Mar Breakthroughs such as this are few and far between for Portuguese clubs.