Afraid of the Dark (Jack Swyteck) [James Grippando] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The New York Times bestselling author’s. In Grippando’s rousing ninth Jack Swyteck legal thriller (after Born to Run), Jack successfully defends a supposed Somali prisoner in his. Grippando has definitely reached a new level with this series entry One of his best.” —Booklist (starred review) A young girl’s murder sets.

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Interesting Swyteck book where he is defending a person held at Guantanamo who is then found to be wanted in Florida and an American and he defends him there.

Women and children were herded into the local school building. If I could meet a character in real life it would be Theo. I’m not sure if this is a common practice with series authors, it’s the first time I’ve noticed it. The New York Times bestselling author’s ever-popular hero, Jack Swyteck, is on his most dangerous case yet, uncovering a sinister underground world that has him racing across the globe. To view it, click here. Afraid of the Dark may be his most gripping yet.

The only way this book makes sense is if women are just stupid.

AFRAID OF THE DARK by James Grippando | Kirkus Reviews

The mystery and suspense is high. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But, if Jamal is innocent, then the man who murdered McKenna and took Vince’s sight is still out there.

If this review is helpful, I would appreciate you acknowledging it! Because the book started with Vince the cop that found the girl and then was blindedand the accusation of Jamal the gitmo prisoner as the killer, I was unsympathetic to Jamal for most of the book, even though he had a pretty solid alibi.

Afraid of the Dark

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Sergeant Vince Paulo held his best friend’s daughter, McKenna, bleeding in his arms as she uttered the name of her murderer and ex-boyfriend, Jamal. It’s still fun and exciting. Great characters, clever narrative, a complicated and exciting story, wonderful writing and perfect narration make this another home run for Grippando.


This from his 87 year old Grandfather that has been struck with Alzheimers.

Grippadno there’s the girl’s father the data mining tycoon who wants revenge for her murder, and his wife who killed herself in grief, but didn’t. Jul 13, Eustacia Tan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jack Swyteck 1 – 10 of 15 books.

The killer calls himself the Dark; Andie Henning the FBI agent that Jack is hoping to marry; The Mays family who has gone through hell and back and still we don’t know the jzmes truth about this family. There are not many books that I would want to re-read but anything by this author will be a book to go back to because you avraid enjoy it even more the second time around. And despite the fact that this series is about Jack, he was not my favourite character.

Nov 28, Catrinka rated it really liked it. As legal dramas go, the Jack Swyteck series is okay–some of the books are better than others. Please provide an email address.

So no mystery, no bothersome unanswered questions about motivation, but also no Jamal. A mixture of government intrigue and suspense. Jack’s fiancee, Agent Andie Hennings, is a critical piece of this novel and I look forward to the next stage of their romance in book His assassination, organized by senior representatives of the Czechoslovak resistance in London, triggered a relentless search for the assassins and a wave of Nazi retaliation across Czechoslovakia.

At times I wanted to cry for him and at other times I felt he knew so much more than he let on. All that is for Jack to sort out, a task not beyond him of course, provided he can stay alive long enough. Even its cemeteries were destroyed. You will find yourself holding your breath a lot in reading this book. I did have a little ggippando keeping the characters afrad their motivations straight, but that’s probably because I had grippaando trouble keeping track of the ever-expanding story line.


You need the full sequence to properly appreciate this series. In my opinion Mr. Jack Swytek at his best defending a convicted murder, who is released on bail and then murdered. Sometimes I’m in the mood for As legal dramas go, the Jack Swyteck series is okay–some of the books are better than others.

Grippando’s character Jack Swyteck dar does some legal work at the beginning of this book, but then the story strays, badly. Found the plot to be highly unbelievable and they stuck his girlfriend Andie, in her undercover role it appears solely to fill some holes in the plot.

They water board her to get her to confess who whe really thw and she is rescued last minute by afraif FBI team ops who kill the company gangsters in the process problem solved all round. However, when Jack puts all the pieces together will he be able to handle the reality that maybe conspiracy theories are true and factual.

I can’t say that I ever read one that was bad. I have a number of books from Dak back list as well as his latest, Need You Now due out in December on my mames shelf. She does and had been taken to an isoslated spot by the Chief officer and his side kick. They were nine and eleven when they were gassed. Another good Jack Swyteck legal thriller from Grippando. There was a problem adding your email address.

I guess that’s how powerful dying testimony can be. Swyteck’s character seems to be written as earnest but a bit clueless, although I sort of doubt that it’s the author’s intent to have him seem so bumbling. Aug 13, Val rated it liked it Shelves: