Stalking. The Wild. Pendulum. On the Mechanics of Consciousness. ITZHAK BENTOV. BOOKS. Destiny Books. Rochester, Vermont. In his exciting and original view of the universe, Itzhak Bentov has provided a new perspective on human consciousness and its limitless possibilities. Widely. Itzhak “Ben” Bentov (also Ben-Tov) (Hebrew: יצחק בנטוב ) (August 9, – May 25, ) was In his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, he wrote that “consciousness permeates everything.”.

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InAbele and Penudlum Nicholas looked to grow the successful business and established Boston Scientific as a holding company to purchase Medi-Tech. Blue neuron 1 is shown with its blue 1 quantum complement.

Views Read Edit View history. On the Mechanics of Consciousnesshe wrote that “consciousness permeates everything. I think everyone should read this book. The human body goes into a state of resonance internally and also with the earth during meditation. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

Itzhak Bentov

Books by Itzhak Bentov. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bentov stands out among them, not only for his ithzak, but also for the imaginative and unique manner in which he expresses them. This one shows ‘planar’ grouping of holographic ‘sets’ of 12 neurons.

Now imagine a line traced out in space as our pendulum swings. Our symbology here follows that used in bottom left of our fuzzon to fermion ontology graphic.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum

Neidhardt rated it it was amazing. Amazing book, itzhak uses many drawings in this book which for have help facilitate my understanding of the mechanics of consciousness during spiritual experience.


Bentov clearly understands meditation to be potentially transformative on all levels of human existence. What is Complex” link under ‘simplicity. Notify me of new posts via email. And I don’t plan on buying the book unless I run across a copy at a used book store. Is antigravity quantum dynamic? After all, the dominant theories in the field of consciousness studies live brief lives before being replaced by a newer or more refined concept. It will need another read or two to take it all in.

Read this 20 years ago, it was life changing. The first four chapters are quite demanding science reading for the novice, however well worth the effort. Yet Bentov demonstrated an understanding of complex and diverse topics related to consciousness and physics with a much deeper and broader scope than most of his highly educated colleagues.

The laws of classical mechanics tell us that at the point of rest the acceleration of the body is maximum; its potential energy is maximum; its velocity is zero ; and the time required for changing the velocity of the pendulum is zero.

To ask other readers questions about Stalking the Wild Pendulumplease sign up. It covers a classically identical path each swing to and fro. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Whatings happenings whenings we subtract q Earth’s axial rotation, Earth’s orbital motion countless ephemera involved hereand our Solar system’s Milky Way orbital motion again, ephemera?

Bentov, much like Doug is self taught, except he similar William James Sidis was kicked out of kindergarten and we managed to suffer through our baccalaureate. Return to Book Page. We found some small paperbacks with, to us, fascinating titles. This book was not only ahead of its time when written, most thinkers in consciousness studies are still working to catch up with Bentov decades later.


Quantum reality is unstoppable! Accordingly, any frame of reference moving uniformly is an inertial or ‘Galilean’ frame equivalent to any other Galilean frame, and its velocity being relative to every other is no fixed quantity but depends upon the reference body with which we choose to compare it.

I’m told they certainly don’t. Add blue text metabolism update under 24Jun aside. Can you see how classical analytics induced Bentov’s zeroes and infinities?

Stalking the Wild Pendulum | Book by Itzhak Bentov | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Whereings issi quantum librationings? I ltzhak believe the man was brilliant and someday when we truly understand the mechanics of consciousness, he will get his just due. A provocative must-read for anyone looking to take in contemporary theoretical perspectives on the intersection between quantum physics and human consciousness. Jun 24, Sandi rated it it was amazing.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. Quantum timings as non spatial? For applied examples of what we are describing here, please see our Quantum Hamiltonian opus. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!