Supersedes IPC/JEDEC J-STD .. Mass Reflow This standard applies to bulk solder reflow assembly by convection, convection/IR. Joint IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD Page 1. STANDARD FOR HANDLING, PACKING, SHIPPING AND USE OF MOISTURE/REFLOW. SENSITIVE SURFACE. J-STDD. – Published August – Typos corrected 3/08 (Rev D.1). • J- STD – Published August • J-STDC. – Balloted within JEDEC & IPC.

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A safe, yet conservative, handling approach is to expose the SMD packages only up to the maximum time limits for each moisture sensitivity level as shown in Table For the purpose of this standard, the bar code label is on the lowest level shipping container and includes information that describes the product e.

When dry packing, the desiccant shall be removed from the storage container just prior to placing it into the MBB and sealing the MBB.

Individuals or companies are invited to submit comments to IPC. Calculated shelf life in sealed bag: Testing Procedure Place the sealed container of cards into the chamber. Any SMD package that has not exceeded its? Witness cards may be available from the HIC manufacturer if needed to con? This testing method uses a colorimeter to measure the color hue of humidity indicating spots.

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As a minimum, all materials used in dry packing should conform to EIA Although the body temperature during re? While the principal members of the Joint Moisture Classi?

No moisture-absorbing material e. The period between drying and sealing must not exceed the MET less the time allowed for distributors to open the bags and k-std-033b.1 parts. Marty Rodriguez, Jabil Circuit, Inc. All comments will be collected and dispersed to the appropriate committee s. Also the actual bake time may be reduced if technically justi? If the bags are opened under factory ambient conditions, see Clause 4.


If bake is interrupted for greater than 15 minutes the total time of the interruption should be added to the bake time. If dried and sealed in jeddec MBB with fresh desiccant, the shelf life is reset. Drying per an allowable option resets the? Spots without printing shall be tested.


Amol Kirtikar, Sud-Chemie Inc. The caution label shall be affixed to the MBB if used or to the lowest-level shipping container. This can be determined by weighing a representative quantity of material known to be at equilibrium with the manufacturing environment, baking to a new constant weight, and subtracting the? Such SMD packages are not at risk and do not require moisture precautionary handling. Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any respect preclude any member or nonmember of JEDEC or IPC from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Publications, nor shall the existence of such Standards and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than JEDEC and IPC members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically or internationally.

This document describes the standardized levels of? Light air evacuation may be used to reduce the packaging bulk and enhance carton packing Figure Refer to Clause 6.

Table gives conditions for rebake of SMD packages at a user site after the? If one hour exposure is exceeded, refer to Clause 4. The heat absorbed by the package body from such operations is typically much lower than for bulk surface mount re?

C If blank, see adjacent bar code label 3. If the time limit is exceeded the packages should be baked according to Table to restore the? Socketed components should be removed prior to rework. Cards with spots that do not indicate dry or wet conditions, per Tableshould be rejected.


With component and board temperature restrictions in mind, choose a bake temperature from Table ; then determine the appropriate bake duration based on the component to be removed. After bag is opened, devices that will be subjected to reflow solder or other high temperature process must be a Mounted within: Maurice Brodeur, Analog Devices Inc. Set the chamber to the? The percentage of change in hue from one humidity value to another is then calculated.

A representative dry-pack con? An equivalency evaluation is recommended to ensure that high temperature processing maintains moisture weight gain to an acceptable level. Devices require bake, before mounting, if: If SMD packages are placed in dry bags with unbaked carriers, refer to Clause 3. All testing occurs inside the chamber, while the cards are exposed to the test humidity.

Set the chamber for the next humidity and continue in this manner until data has been collected for all conditions. Allow the cards to condition for a minimum of 24 hours.

This method will minimize moisture related component damage. Tables, and give reference conditions for drying SMD packages.


Paper and Plastic Container Items The desiccant material shall be packaged in moisture permeable bags or pouches. If a higher bake temperature is required, SMD packages must be removed from the low ipf carriers to thermally safe carriers, baked, and returned to the low temperature carriers. For a stacked die or BGA package with internal planes that impede moisture diffusion ip actual bake time may be longer than that required in Table if packages have had extended exposure to factory ambient before bake.

The colors shall be described in writing on the card.