Make a bet with one of your geek friends that you can use InDesign CS3 to settings use the [High Resolution] Transparency Flattener Preset. Instead, use InDesign’s transparency flattener to convert the text automatically for you when you export a PDF. To do this, you’ll need a custom. Here is how you can Flatten transparent artwork in Adobe InDesign. 1. Choose Edit > Transparency Flattener Presets. 2. Select a preset in the.

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To export a preset to a separate file, click Save InDesign or Export Illustratorspecify a name and location, and then click Save.

Why can I not select the transparency flattener | Adobe Community

Do one of the following:. If you regularly print or export documents that contain transparency, you can automate the flattening process by saving flattening settings in a transparency flattener preset. Some print drivers process raster and vector art differently, clattener resulting in color stitching. This option ensures that the width of strokes stays consistent during flattening.

Flatten Me! I want to be printed! | New Horizons

Common effects that apply transparency are any stylising effects like shadows, glows and feathering. Specifies the amount of vector information that will be preserved.

Either choose a preset or, if available, set specific options. Subscribe to our e-newsletter? Generally preserves spot colors.

Choose or create the settings for flattening in both Illustrator and InDesign To do this, go to the ‘Edit’ tab in the menu indesigb then select ‘Transparency Flattener Presets. With this option selected, overprinted areas that interact with transparency are flattened, while overprinting in other areas is preserved.


Locate and select the file containing the preset you want to load, and then click Open. The availability of options depends on the content of the artwork.

This content has been marked as final. Overprint Preview gives an approximation of how spot inks that overprint or interact with transparent objects will appear.

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From the Highlight menu, choose the kind of areas you want to highlight. To keep as many objects vector as possible, select the [High Resolution] transparency flattener preset in the Advanced area of the Print or Export Transpzrency PDF dialog box.

Trnasparency can enter the name of an existing preset to edit that preset. Select the lowest setting to rasterize all the artwork. Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong? This option is useful for troubleshooting by the service provider.

Post as a guest Name. Highlights the objects that are sources of transparency, such as objects with partial opacity including images with alpha channelsobjects with blending modes, and objects with opacity masks.

Converts all strokes to simple filled paths on pages containing transparency. Good communication between you and your service provider will help you achieve the results you expect. How do your Excel skills stack up? Move the text to the top of the stacking order.


When type is close to transparent flatteneg, it may interact with transparent objects in unexpected ways. If you use any other choice, your transparencies will go to PDF as live transparency and transparency flattener is not used nor presets of it.

Flatten transparent artwork

Hi all, I have not had to use this option in quite a while so may have forgotten a few things. For instructions on how to do this, check our guide at www. If you do not have this, then the other options to export and save are still available, but you or your service provider will need to flatten your file later in the printing workflow.

More details about flattening layouts idnesign solutions to other printing needs in InDesign and Illustrator are available on the Adobe website.

Another way to prevent problems is to make sure that your spot inks are consistent in both the original application for example, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Locate and select the file containing the preset you want to load, and then click Open. Display the spread in the Document window. The amount of rasterization that occurs depends on the transparenxy of the page and the types of overlapping objects.