There is a form that you must complete: IMM B. I have not been able to find it anywhere online. There is a similar form (IMM B) that I. Canada Post services across Canada may be affected by ongoing delays in service from continued labour negotiations. Our processes will be. IMM E. Declaration – Voluntary Relinquishment of Permanent Resident Status /. Residency Obligation Not Met. IMM B. Declaration.

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OP 10 – Permanent Residency Status Determination

Details of the evaluation of humanitarian and compassionate grounds can be found in section 7. Officers should consider all information and supporting documentation that could serve to provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant has complied with the legislative provisions for satisfying residency obligations while accompanying a Canadian citizen or permanent resident spouse, commonlaw partner or parent outside of Canada.

The IAD will notify the applicable CBSA hearings office that will request the overseas file and inform that applicable visa office that an appeal has 538b filed.

Border Force Operations Manual. Humanitarian and compassionate considerations are present in many of the situations involved in a prolonged absence from Canada. For example, consider the case where an officer has reason to believe that a permanent resident who applied for a travel document was recently convicted of a serious crime abroad. Factors to be considered when assessing humanitarian and compassionate concerns 39 OP 10 Permanent Residency Status Determination Managers cannot be restricted by guidelines; they are obliged to consider all the information they have.

Even though the onus is on the applicant to present evidence that justifies the retention of residency status, the flexibility of the provisions of A28 allows a manager to exercise discretion in favour of the applicant in circumstances where a reasonable explanation is provided for prolonged absence from Canada. Hi, I have been a landed immigrant since and been in and out of canada and definitely would not satisfy residency requirement of days in 5 years. Favourable humanitarian and compassionate considerations overcome any breach of the residency obligation prior to the determination see section 5 above.


Who is entitled to apply for a travel document? Where an application has been submitted by a person who holds a permanent resident card that is no longer valid, the visa office must undertake a determination of residency status of that person in conjunction with the processing of that application for a travel document.

What is the process for giving up Canadian Permanent Residence? | Yahoo Answers

The burden of proof rests on the applicant to demonstrate that they are a permanent resident of Canada. Receiving the application Upon receiving an Application for a Travel Document Permanent Resident Abroad IMM Ethe processing office must stamp the application with the date on which it was delivered to the office. If the information provided on the application form and the accompanying documentation clearly demonstrates that an applicant meets 5538bb residency obligation, an interview is not required.

Where the IAD has made such an order, an officer shall issue a travel document for that purpose [A 2 ].

Revised Statutes of Alberta Chapter A This checklist 55538b intended as a guide to the practitioner in the preparation. All nonimmigrants except Canadian citizens who are visa mim, need a visa stamp in their passport to enter the U. If the applicant wins on appeal, the calculation of days reverts to include 5538v days during which the decision was under appeal. Accordingly, if the applicant satisfies an officer that they have been physically present in Canada for at least days in the fiveyear period being examined, it is not necessary to examine or assess other factors regarding the reason for the absence.

Thank you for your help! On December 15th this Bill came into full effect, bringing with it sweeping changes to Canada’s immigration and refugee system.


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Thanks a lot computergeek! Why can’t I im, a sporting event or concert event for free? It does not include businesses that have been created primarily for the purpose of allowing a permanent resident to satisfy their residency obligation while residing outside of Canada [R61 2 ]. Spouse, partner or dependent child Adopted children and other relatives: Permanent residents who obtained that status prior to the entry into force of IRPA may apply for a permanent resident card.

Receiving the application Procedure: It has a spelling mistake. To view the PDF form, you need to:. ikm

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Should you choose not to submit an appeal of this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division in Canada, this decision concerning your non-compliance with the residency obligation under section 28 of the Act will become a 55338b determination of your residency status. I appreciate your prompt and detailed reply.

I suppose you can always force the issue by applying for a PRTD which would be deniedbut that shouldn’t be necessary. Restriction on application not-for-profit More information. A new permanent resident card cannot be applied for at a visa office outside Canada, but must be applied for kmm within Canada [R56 2 ]. Committee of the Whole: This person has been refused a returning resident permit because an officer determined that the applicant had the i,m to abandon Canada as a place of residence.

This subsection of the Act allows new permanent residents to qualify under the residency obligation provided that they can potentially meet the day criteria during the first five-year period immediately after their arrival in Canada.