Ideology of the Future – Dr Muhammad Rafi-ud-din. likes. A Study of the laws of human nature and human activity and the manner in which they. Ideology of the Future has 19 ratings and 3 reviews. Aasem said: Rafiuddin takes on the case of religion and modernity from the best Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Dr Rafi-ud-din elaborated the “philosophy of the self” efficiently in this book. About Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din: Introduction:Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in , is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in t.. .

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But gradually, as he advances in age and experience, these ideas come into comparison with each other and he begins to know better and better what idea is to him the most satisfactory of all. See 1 question about Ideology of the Futureā€¦. It is a different matter that this philosophy may not have been systematised by an expert philosopher or no expert philo sopher may have found it possible to systematise it on account of the defects, inner contradictions and incon sistencies of the ideal on which it is based and which it seeks to interpret and apply.

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin – Free Download PDF

Hence as knowledge advances, a philosophy resulting from a wrong ideal strength more loses its and more till all admit that it is wrong and a philo sophy based on the Yb Ideal gains in rational support more and more till all believe that it is true.

Complete of the self is not possible unless purification it breaksaway completely from all desires which are to its nature and feels the full force of the desire for foreign Beauty which is the rariuddin urge of its rafiuxdin, A list of such words known as Al-Astna-ul-Husna or beautiful attributes denoting pro minent qualities of Beauty has already been given above.

Then when He calls from the earth lo! But generally the evolution of a per son s ideals stops at the ideal of the society of which he is a member. All ideals whether wrong or right have their leaders and their followers. It may live for centuries but its ultimate obliteration is inevitable. Their light gleaming before them. The answer to this question is that a perfect dr.umhammad per manent love which takes the form of an urge for an is the most ideal powerful and the most dominant desire of all the inborn desires of man, nay, it is virtually the sole desire dr.muhammad his nature and prophethood is the only agency that provides for its satisfaction.


The happy news of this expected favour will be broken to him at the gates of the Paradise. A man can love a low, ugly or imperfect ideal too but only as long as he can attribute to it all the imaginable qualities of beauty and and can deceive himself that it docs possess all perfection these qualities in actual rafiddin.

That is why the Prophet Mohammad said: If it is based on a wrong ideal, it must decline and disappear sooner or later. The greater a person s love of the Creator the more sustained and concentrated is his contem plation of the Creator s attributes and the deeper is his admiration and adoration of His Beauty. Heaven and Hell begin in this life This explanation of the fundamental cause of the joys of Paradise and the tortures of Hell implies that the Paradise of the believer and the Hell of the non-believer or the sinner begin in this world.

In other words, he mistakes it for the Right Ideal. And Allah is Witness over all things. The book deserves to be well known and should provide basis for many religious modernist philosophies.

Wherever there is Hatred is only an aspect of love hatred also must be there because love always hates must have its anti its antithesis. The result is that it becomes a society of perfectly noble and happy individuals, an ideal state free from every imaginable vice or defect and endowed with every known and unknown merit or excellence.

He cannot take for his ideal, that he consciously and deliberately, the idea of anything believes to be dead or lifeless. They are, in other words, overtaken by Divine punish ment.

The Ideology Of The Future By Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

At this stage it is easier for him to obey his ideal even at the risk of his life than to obey his instincts. It a leaves out neither a small thing nor a great one, but numbers them all.

Books by Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din. Uriel rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Beauty, which includes Goodness and Truth, is a single whole. The Quran stresses this point when it says: This is God s handi thy face steadily work, the pattern on which he has made mankind.


It docs not, of course, provide him with all the Zikr that he needs for evolving his love quickly and continuously to the highest possible stage which is the real objective of the human self.

That actions, when repeated, become automatic, is a favour of nature on account of which a person s conscious choice and deliberately controlled attention become increasingly available for moral judgments and moral actions which he needs for the proper direction of that part of his life which is not yet controlled by his habits.

The last of the prophets proclaimed: My mercy compasses all things. Islam calls upon all human beings to love and to idwology to it that their love is as pure, sincere and wholehearted as possible and that it goes on developing towards an ever greater and greater perfection, purity and sincerity without dwindling or suffering frustration for a single moment.

The going of their human society advancing towards the stage is a of evolution and highest perfection gradually by process the is creative and evolutionary because the Creator process love in this process. There is no innate desire of man but nature has its iedology for its satisfaction and these arrangements to provide to the proper arrangements are always indispensable satis faction of that desire. Rizwan Khokhar marked it as to-read Dec 16, They are protected from all external forces which with the liberty of the indivi interfere dual.

Now surely in Allah s remembrance do hearts find rest. The nature of their ideology guarantees their continued happiness and contentment. It is the real, the ultimate and the sole motivating force of all his activities: This is how the ideal of one generation of men belonging to an ixeology becomes the ideal of its next generation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Such a person is on the cultural level of a child or a savage. And this am I commanded, and I am the first of those who submit.