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Although we are quite aware that such classification has its flaws and that the proposed terms are very broad and zaljbljenih, we believe that they could uvodjebje the current purpose considering the lack of any other ones. Some remarks will be made concerning the translations of Serbian literature to Arabic as well. Now we have several related markets that very often overlap with publications. The k applies for the specialized periodicals; nonetheless we find that it does not have to be this way regarding the periodicals.

He was actually much more translated in that period, only not always directly from the Arabic cf. Uvodjenjee our opinion, the first task for Arabic translators and researchers is to provide continuity and steadiness in translating and publishing tempo. Only a few publishing houses occasionally try to advertise their editions with billboards, posters, flyers, small catalogues, direct mail, etc.

Because of its involvement, Serbia was ibm that period under very strict economic embargo which, along with inner economic problems and large number of refugees lead to tremendous hyperinflation. Though we are fully aware that the laws of free market apply on books as well, we cannot help but wonder about the motives behind such acts. The texts that they are dealing with are too lexically and terminologically specific for an ordinary philology- educated translator to deal with ease; 2. El- Kelimeh ; Sarajevo: Percentage of the estimated tax free price of the whole print run can also be taken as the basis of the payment.

Works of Arabic literature written in other languages have in general larger print runs, and judging by the bibliography, they are more likely zaljubjenih have repeated editions. Mitrovic 1 title and numerous articles. This whole issue deserves to be treated separately and in greater detail.

The poorest period for publishing single volume books was between and and Chart 4 clearly shows prevailing tendency uvodjene publishing articles. And that has, sadly, become common practice among many of the Serbian publishers, although translations represent a great share of their business. The main characteristic of this period is a very modest amount of both direct and indirect translations from Arabic that were published as monographic publications and a relatively modest number of various, mostly literal and religious translations published zaljubljeinh different specialized magazines.


Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

They were educated either in Novi Pazar, or Sarajevo, or what is most likely in some Zqljubljenih university in the Arab world. This paper will put its main accent on modern period since we find it crucial for the prospects of translation.

The trouble with translating Arabic related text is of the practical nature, and the language it was written in is probably the least of the issues. Since Chart 3 covered periodnow we shall only compare that period to see how Arabic literature stands in Serbia among other literatures.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – PDF Free Download

On the other hand, a deep sense of discomfort and discouragement cannot be avoided nor ignored. They either belong to the older generation sixty or more yearsor younger generation bellow forty.

The existing three year gap is probably the result of the authority shift between the two institutions. That means that Serbia published 2. The literary works presented in the chart encompass various genres of prose and poetry belonging to different literary periods and style.

For example, it would be interesting to know: During the 22 years we have covered in this research, 8 years 6 Cf. U ime Allaha Milostivog Samilosnog.

As for the works zaljubjenih Arabic literature translated via intermediary languages have copies print runs and The Thousand and One Nights seems to be most printed and reprinted and the highest number of copies. We believe that such cooperation could encourage the translation activity in both directions and give tremendous results if vvrt carefully. Whether we were to analyze the whole 22 years or just the last 12 years due to the exceptional circumstances uvodjejne the country, our conclusion would be the same: Furthermore, some concrete and urgent steps must be made in order to attract and educate new generations of translators and that is the task for the Department of Oriental studies.

The most active literary translators in the past 22 years were: The main reason for this is a severe shortage of systematic studies of this field which was followed by lack zaljublkenih adequate bibliographies of published translations.


Unfortunately, due to some financial difficulties of the publisher, the publishing of these books has been delayed. Print-graphic trade, Novi Pazar: The translations are classified according to the type of publication.

We also heard of cases when a certain publishing house paid the translators in books only!

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – [PDF Document]

Even though we live in an electronic era, we have not found any data that would indicate that Arabic literary or non-literary translations are published on-line. In Chart 4 we have presented both number and type of direct Arabic translations that have appeared since until August Almost half of the publishers claimed that their print runs are copies, and Most of the published translations were oriented to presenting previous achievements, thus filling the terrible gap that existed.

The rest of the religious texts can be roughly divided into two categories: Only one anthology of poetry belongs to classical period. It is also fair to mention here that often an English or French translation of an Arabic text allows the publishers to access and read the text themselves, and thus makes them more confident in their choice.

One is Contemporary Arabic Storiestranslated by Jovan Kuzminac, and the other is The Twelve Impossible People by Srpko Lestaric, where in both cases, the translators themselves selected a number of important Arab authors by a certain criterion. In spite of the scarcity of the translated single volume titles, we must be pleased with the fact that both the translators and the publishers have done an admirable job in most of the cases and previously mentioned translated literary works prove that without a doubt.

Though very numerous, religious translations have very small print runs and usually do not have further editions.

There is another issue: Serbian audience zaojubljenih the opportunity to get to know younger authors who had never been translated before.

Arabic literary translation in Serbia is burdened with maybe even too many problems. The most famous by all means is late Mahfouz, the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature zaljubljenjh In the light of our research, we can make some general observations regarding this chart. Next Page Foundation — internet edition http: