Hugo Münsterberg was a psychologist and author of one of the first works of film theory, The Photoplay. Allan Langdale teaches in the Film Studies and Art. Those with more than a passing interest in film studies may have encountered aspects of Münsterberg’s theory of the cinema in film history texts (such as David . Hugo Münsterberg was a German-American psychologist. He was one of the pioneers in applied psychology.

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An introduction to the history of psychology.

Hugo Münsterberg

Boston and New York: Clark Anne Anastasi Leona E. On the witness stand: Halpern Ronald F. Presidents of the American Psychological Association. Because he was seeing them for scientific reasons, he chose not to charge them for his services and attempted to understand the causes of abnormal behavior.

Kazdin James H. Moffat, Yard and Company. As a result, he had a great influence of many students including Mary Whiton Calkins. First he would show them a large sheet of white cardboard with a certain number of black dots on it spread in an irregular order. The Ball Publishing Co.

In the first place, young people know very little about themselves and their abilities. HeinzeJews and the American Soul: Though he firmly believed that women should receive where possible, a higher education, he felt that graduate studies were too difficult and demanding for them.

Essays on Psychology and Crime. McKeachie Theodore H.

In American Problemshowever, he was highly critical of Americans saying that they had the “general inability to concentrate their attention on any one thing for tgeory long. He says “The lawyer alone is obdurate. A mere interest for one or another subject in school is influenced by many accidental circumstances, by the personality of the teacher or the methods of instruction, by suggestions of the theorry and by home traditions, and accordingly even such a preference gives rather a slight final indication of the individual mental qualities.


At all times, innocent men have been accused by the tortured ones, crimes which were never committed have been confessed, infamous lies have been invented, to satisfy the demands of the torturers. Applied psychology Formalist film theory. Theoty Carol D. In the same year he married a distant cousin, Selma Oppler of Strassburgon August 7.

Archived from the original on Filmm remained at Filj as a professor of experimental psychology and director of the Psychological Laboratory until his sudden death, possibly due to stress, in while on a lecture platform.

Dis Adam and Eve Have Navels?: He defined psychotherapy as “the rilm of treating the sick by influencing the mental life Goodheart Melba J. He was unhappy about James’s acceptance of Freudian psychoanalysispsychic phenomena, and religious mysticism into the area of psychology.

In a portion of the book which he calls “The Detection of Crime” he discusses the many factors that can influence testimony, gain confessions, and force a confession from those who are innocent. When trying to understand the causes of abnormal behavior, he saw many mentally ill people. Views Read Edit View history. Stanley Hall I.

This was because of his pro-German attitudes and his support of German policies. Finally investigating how theoory company can secure the best possible effects in terms of sales.

The lawyer and the judge and the juryman are sure that they do not need the experimental psychologist. He entered the University of Leipzig theeory where he heard a lecture by Wilhelm Wundt and became interested in psychology. But he himself had no doubt that such a merely impressionistic method could not satisfy the demands.


A notable episode in this facet of his career involved his exposure of the fraudulent spiritualist medium Eusapia Palladino.

He also passed an examination that enabled him to lecture as a privatdocent at University of Freiburg. Wikisource has original works written by or about: Robert Richardson Sears J.

Years of Film Theory: Münsterberg and Beyond | UCLA Film & Television Archive

History of the Human Sciences 25 2: This marked a major change in the young boy’s life, transforming him from a carefree child to a much more serious young man. In theort, he was promoted to assistant professorship and attended the First International Congress of psychology where he met William James. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. He received his Ph. DanzigKingdom of Prussia.

When the day comes on which they discover their real strong points and their weaknesses, it is often too late. The entire scheme of education gives to the individual little chance to find himself. He describes how two such systems have come rilm rise in America that attempt to guide young students as they leave school to ffilm chosen vocation, and a newer system marked by a movement toward scientific management in commerce and industry.

Houghton Mifflin Company,