A History of Africa (African History Archive) [Hosea Jaffe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning more than two thousand years of. Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea. Editorial Reviews. Review. `[Jaffe’s] views are indeed stimulating and should reopen a A History of Africa (African History Archive) – Kindle edition by Hosea Jaffe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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In the last mentioned work Jaffe propounded one of his most controversial theories, namely that the European worker produced a negative surplus value. In the near future we will be adding a further collection of documents from the history of Trotskyism in South Africa to this site, which space did not permit us to publish in the hlsea.

Others, including myself maintained that we would be presenting the League stalwarts on a jatfe to the authorities, to be proscribed or dealt with as they deemed fit. The Building of Unity propounded the view that the mass of the people was already organised in a multitude of organisations.

The hope was that when the ideas of unity became generally accepted, the Three Pillars would wither away and there would be only the Unity movement.

The words sent a chill through all those present at the meeting.

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It drew forth fierce denunciations from members of the Forum Club, a Trotskyist political forum in Jaff Town. It stood for the right to buy and sell land with the added rider that a new division of the land should be the first task of a Democratic parliament.

Things in the movement would never be the same again. Tobias, the anthropologist and member of the Movement, declared that race was a biological fact. Jaffe cited the French revolution where the peasants had seized the manorial estates, during the uprising and thereafter were granted title deeds.


But the era of collaboration had passed.

The new situation required a radical rethink of the aims and objectives of the organisation that seemed becalmed in the ideology of the past. To combat these divisions among the population groups the NEUM instituted the federal structure consisting of Three Pillars aimed at eventually uniting the three groups: The Indians on the other jjaffe were enjoined not to associate with the other two groups as they, jafde Indians, came from a civilisation stretching back for a thousand years, etc.

Jaffe became the undisputed ideologist of the movement. Coupled with this there was the weapon of the boycott.

Very soon it became the established form in the broad liberation movement, and reached its apotheosis in the late eighties when even De Klerk was compelled to accept non-racialism as the prescription for a future South Africa.

The clarion call of Apartheid by the Malanites found the majority of the White population rapturously responsive.

Hosea Jaffe (Author of A History of Africa)

The Coloureds were also bought off by allowing them limited voting rights, and freedom from the kind of legislation that bound the Africans such as the pass laws, and the right to buy and sell property as well as giving the Coloured pupil more than double the amount of money in the educational system as compared with the African child.

The NEF closed shop soon afterwards. Non-collaboration — the refusal to participate in or work the instruments of their own oppression, became a cardinal feature of the movement.

On the 21st Marchthe massacre of Sharpeville occurred. By doing a post hoc attack on Trotsky, Jaffe endeavours to dismiss the Trotskyist label. Veracity is again called into question, when Jaffe asserts:.

They needed a more elementary grounding in the ideas of the movement. The major section, the Africans, was still subject to tribal separateness, and ancient hates were kept alive despite the efforts of the Congress movement, established in and the All African Convention, established in the mid-thirties, to strive to break down the barriers.

Non-collaboration, thus was an irrefutable principle. This principle of non-collaboration distinguished it from what had gone before: The tacit belief of the leadership of the NEUM was that the way towards Socialism lay via the national movement. The leadership of the NEUM were convinced that in their organisational structure they had found the secret weapon that would unite the oppressed and in time draw into it support from the Whites, thus creating the foundations of a decent democratic society for all regardless of so-called race, colour and creed.


It forced the authorities to delay the transfer until April He left a letter for Ben Kies which attempted to explain the reasons for his departure. As evidence he cited the fact that during the Nazi invasion of the USSR they were obliged to make use of the collective farm organisation, which was historically irreversible.

It had ousted the softly, softly approach to social control issues of The United Party of General Smuts.

The movement did what none of the other organisations thought important or even necessary, which was to explain the nature of their oppression to ordinary working people.

The ten-point programme encapsulated the minimum demands for participation in a democratic society.

Oral history interview with Hosea Jaffe [Part 1 of 3] | UCT Libraries Digital Collections

His conclusions are refuted by research into the period. The rift soon became a chasm and people who before had been friends now became enemies; meetings were disrupted, once leading to the shameful situation where the police were summoned to eject SOYANS from a meeting called by the Local Co-ordinating Unity Committee at the Banqueting Hall in Cape Town for fear that there might be physical violence. For someone who was so integrally involved in the split, he certainly is economical with the truth.

An attempt was even made to run study hose to teach the basics of Marxism, but which was discontinued for fear of possible infiltration by the security police. Tax records show that conversions were slow.