Buy S historia de una infamia: las mentrias de la versión oficial by Bruno Cardeñosa Chao (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday . Title. S, historia de una infamia: las mentiras de la “versión oficial” /​ Bruno Cardeñosa. Also Titled. Once de septiembre. Author. Cardeñosa, Bruno. Edition. 3 USA (Milan: Effedieffe, ); Maurizio Blondet, Osama bin Mossad (Milan: Effedieffe, ); Bruno Cardeñosa, S, historia de una infamia: las mentiras de.

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Historia de una infamia: The story of a vile act: Thousands of people on both continents are devouring as much information as they can lay their hands on about the September 11 attacks on the USA in possibly being, not the work ccardeosa Islamic extremism, but part of an internal conspiracy without precedent. Books by widely differing authors are selling in their thousands in Germany, France and Spain.

Dealing with different aspects of a supposed plot, they are encouraged by the lack of a solid official version. Dozens of web sites and books break down the attack on the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in minute detail, saying that what we watched awestruck on television in September over two years ago was the greatest hoax of all times and already dubbed “Operation Pearl”.

The situation was such that the German weeklies couldn’t resist surveying cardeosw readership to find out what was going on.

The results were surprising: His thesis looks at the fact, recognised by the Bush Administration, that the CIA and the FBI did not share the information they had available on the danger of a major attack. Certainly, whenever the matter is raised, the video of the fall of WTC7, which collapsed after the Twin Towers, emerges to mystery fans as irrefutable proof of a controlled demolition. Meanwhile, though Germany has iinfamia hefty group of disbelievers in the official story, bduno books with greatest influence worldwide have sprung from France.


9/ The Conspiracy

Author Thierry Meyssan, mentor and promoter of a virtual organisation which calls itself “red Voltaire” uniting journalists, politicians and professional people from many different fields who are firmly convinced of a plot, refutes the idea in his books “L’Effroyable imposture” and “Le Pentagate” that a civilian airliner flown by a suicide pilot struck the Pentagon, and claims it was hit by a missile.

In Spain, Pilar Urbano also expresses incredulity over this aspect of the story in her book “Jefe Atta”. An analysis of the conspiracy theories reveals that they largely revolve around the planes hijacked by the al-Qaida commandos.

As regards the first plane to hit, of which there are only two known film clips in existence, both shot from a distance and not very clear, writers call into question that it is a Boeing and suggest the idea of a missile or a smaller plane.

As for the second plane, the one that struck the South Tower, it so happens that a series of reports published in La Vanguardia have sparked further questions. Web sites looking into the subject have already baptised it “the pregnant plane” in allusion to the strange bumps visible on the fuselage, as revealed by this newspaper. The conspiracy theories clamour their loudest when it comes to the Pentagon and the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania.

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American Airlines Flight 77 took off from Washington at 8: Half an hour later air traffic controllers lost track of it and almost forty minutes later the Air Force received the order to give chase. It was half an hour since the Twin Towers had been struck. The security cameras failed to capture an image of the plane and from then on amazement led to disbelief and the idea of a conspiracy. Questions burgeoned to which Thierry Meyssan gave voice in his own way: If the pilots were not experts how did they manage to execute such a tight turn?


Bruno Cardeñosa

Why was there no debris from the Boeing to be seen in the photos? Why didn’t the security cameras capture the plane? Why was the damage so precise?

Answers are lacking The lack of a official version that provides solid answers to the many questions one web site plays on the date of the attack and poses questions encourages conspiracy theories. However, the federal investigative commission has complained about the secrecy of the Bush Administration.

It is possible that the US government does not have the answers to give and if it does know some, it refrains from doing so to avoid reviving the painful memories of that day. This is more than likely in the case of the Pennsylvanian crash, where the Boeing’s passengers managed to speak to their relatives by phone before, according to the official version, heroically overcoming the hijackers and preventing the plane from crashing into the Capitol or The White House itself.

However, diplomatic figures in the United States and the European Union are convinced that the plane was shot down to avoid striking the presidential residence.