The child care classic is now totally revised and updated as Dr. Weissbluth, a leading researcher on sleep and children, promotes a revolutionary program to. A summary by Dr. Rebecca Unger of Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s lecture/discussion at the Northwestern Children’s Practice April 26, In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, one of the country’s leading In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains with authority and.

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Dement was the founding editor of the world’s leading journal of sleep research, taught me to happy five fundamental principles of understanding sleep: For some of you reading this, the answers to your sleep challenges will be in a book. It made a huge difference in her behavior when she was awake. Jan 02, Rachel rated it did not like it. I did my best to live by it weeissbluth one would their religion for a whole year but the problem is I wasn’t ever real sure what it was telling me to do.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth

This has made a huge difference for my baby and gotten him on the recommended sleep schedule- wake up at 7, nap at 9, nap at 1, bed by 7. Not only do the adults describe themselves as more sleepy dleep mentally exhausted, they also feel more stressed. His ideas about not allowing infants longer than 2 hours of wakefulness has also worked well.

Brady got to a point where he was taking two long naps a day wrissbluth sleeping all night What is so magic about a 6: View all 5 comments. The more I read the more I’m convinced this guy really is an expert in putting people to sleep. He gives many different sleep strategies that include no crying, some crying, and “cry it out” and he tells you which strategy is likely I really love this book — though I notice I almost always hear negative reviews and comments about him which is a huge shame.

When parents are too irregular, inconsistent, or oversolicitous, or when there are unresolved problems between weissblith parents, the resulting sleep problems converge, producing excessive nighttime wakefulness and crying.

Some are easier to “read”; they seem to have predictable schedules for feeding and sleeping. He is now 4 months old and had naps during the day and sleeps all through the night.


Jul 06, Michelle rated it really liked it. A sleepy child who is kept awake exhausts his nervous energy very quickly in peevish restlessness, and when preparations are at last made for his sleep he may be too weary to settle down. This has made a huge difference for my baby a What I liked: Remember, there are no universally “right” or “wrong” ways, or “natural” versus “unnatural” styles, of raising children.

Is it really true that I can harm my baby by giving him love at night when he cries out for me? I never knew what was “wrong” with my child. Quotes from Healthy Sleep Hab What do you do if your child is totally motor oriented and therefore a restless sleeper as she has learned to crawl and pull her self up and creep along all before 7 months!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have mixed feeling about this book, but overall it is hwbits and I’m very glad that I read it. There’s probably a diamond in there, but healtthy is a LOT of rough around it.

It worked- my baby is on a schedule! In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr.

This book contains information on a large span of ages and phases from the first days as a newborn all the way through adolescence. Jul 22, Lianne rated it it was amazing.

Suggested sleep schedules by age.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Our Review

But babies also differ in more subtle ways. But don’t blame yourself if you have an irregular baby who cries a lot and is less self-soothing. But instead of trying to gloss over those challenges or act like they wouldn’t be there if only you had the RIGHT parenting philosophy he paints a realistic picture of them he acknowledges that some husbands aren’t supportive or that some parents don’t have outside family to rely on and he gives advice on what to do in light of those situations not how to fix the impossible.

I suggest you don’t “cheat” when teaching your baby how to sleep because – I’m here to tell you – you will pay later on, and it will be even HARDER to fix. Unfortunately, I had a hard time with the book for several reasons. Providing the growing brain with sufficient sleep is necessary for developing the ability to concentrate and an easier temperament.


I loved this book so much that after returning it to the library, I bought a copy of my own!

Weissbluth goes much deeper into the science of sleep. Especially I loved this review! We encourage you to consider our personalized, one-on-one baby and toddler sleep consultation packages if you want to see real, meaningful results now. Jan 09, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: I read this book on the recommendation of several people and many mommies swear by it. It is anything but that.

healthy sleep habits happy baby | The Baby Sleep Site – Baby / Toddler Sleep Consultants

It’s only luck, although social customs may affect how you feel about it. As everyone says the only thing you can count on is that things change. She writes, “I am aware that the practice of toting your baby along with you on every occasion is the new social thing. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. All the same, the book is chock full of research and data that can help you develop a more informed approach toward your child’s sleep, and Weissbluth does present some great concepts.

I researched different sleep-training books and liked the reviews from Amazon. I get that he’s emphatic and I agree that healthy sleep habits are incredibly important, but there’s a difference between beating a drum and beating a person over the head with it.

In those societies where the mother haibts the baby close all the time, and her breasts are always available for nursing and soothing, there are still great differences among babies in terms of fussiness and crying. Obviously, I agree with that take on baby and toddler sleep completely!

I never thought I would be one of those people writing the glowing reviews of my reformed problem sleeper but here I am!

It needs a good editorial scrub. So, Arizona babies should go to bed an hour apart don’t ask me to figure out if I mean before or after from Utah babies just north of them during Daylight Savings which Arizona commendably abstains from?