Discusses Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan as a philosophical story of solitude, mysticism, and understanding. Isolated from human civilization, the infant Hayy ibn Yaqzan is raised by a gazelle on a deserted island Through observation, experimentation, and speculation. Ibn-Tufayl. It was during this time, working for the Almohads that Ibn-Tufayl wrote the first ever philosophical novel, “Hayy Ibn Yaqzan“ or “Living.

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The critique is illustrated most strikingly through the ironic usage of a Quranic quotation in the text. There was yawzan to be added. It would be inaccessible to our senses or else it would be a body, and it should be impossible for him to be imagined either, as our imagination can only represent to us the forms of things in their absence. He resorts to eating meat only when nourishing vegetables are unavailable and even then takes only from what is most abundant.

Fill in your details below yaqzwn click an icon to log in: God was understood to be the First Mover of Aristotelian physics, the originator who brought about the world either through an act of Will or out of Necessity, as explained by Aristotle in the fourth century b. If the world was created in time, then it was created through the will of a Gaqzan, the Cause of all causes, who cannot be apprehended by the senses.

The same with his ears and other senses.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The narrator describes an island near Hayy’s uninhabited one. All existence, said the Neoplatonic philosophers, emanated from the One, with whom the soul could be reunited.


This is how he understood the idea of the Active Intellect sending forms.

The benevolence and tolerance of their presence in medieval Spain produced a high point in world cultural history. Then, Hayy begans to notice that fire always moves up and the other elements also tend to act according to their own natures, and that all objects have extension and form.

Ibn-Tufayl was a 12th century philosopher living in Andalusia, or Medieval Spain.

Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan

And he began to become curious as to how animal parts were arranged in order to do this, and so he began hyy inquiry with dissection of many kinds to see how they were assembled.

There survives an anonymous medieval Hebrew translation, a Hebrew commentary by the fourteenth-century Jewish philosopher Moses of Narbonne, and a fifteenth-century Latin translation from the Hebrew hsyy Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola. He knew they were bodies, because they had extension, and he began to consider if they had infinite length or not. Blog Blogger Bloggest Strange thoughts, random mutterings.

The eternity of the universe question that continues to rage through Jewish philosophy as well as later Arabic philosophy and Western Philosophy, Ibn-Tufayl says hay irrelevant since you come to the same conclusion either way. Hayy grows strong among the deer, living and yqqzan amongst them. As Absal teaches Hayy about the religious Law of his island, Hayy is dumbfounded by references to the corporeal existence of God, laws dealing with property and money, and the absence of general ethical teachings such as the curbing of wealth and of gluttony.

Hayy ibn Yaqdhan – Wikipedia

The History of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan. This, of course, is the same as the God of religion.


Weeds are people who. Within these organs there is the heart, which contains the vital heat which is distributed throughout the body and keeps it functioning. It is why he shields it instinctively in fights, a hand will heal, this thing will not.

All these members were fitted to do their function, but none of them could function without the soul that was animating it. When they yayy so enclosed, the corporeal liquids being heated, there arises as it were a frothy bubble. He grieved and put his mind about solving the matter, that he could come up with some way of protecting himself and covering himself.

People cling to factions and pass their lives in base materialistic pursuits. Is the concept of God self-evident or derived through rational speculation? For him the cave is not the social womb but the sacred solitude of a man and his creator. Why did the prophet not describe God as an incorporeal entity and offer ethical prescriptions concerning moderation like those of Aristotle and Plato?

Nothing New Under the Sun

Unable to resolve the issue, Hayy reached an astounding realization—both premises yaqsan to a single conclusion. Like the later medieval Christian theologians, Islamic and Arabic thinkers sought to reconcile reason and the revelation of their scripture.

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