bij een woonblok volledig funderingsherstel noodzakelijk gebleken. Maatregelen Handboek funderingsherstel, op palen en op “staal”. Share. Stagnatie funderingsherstel Inhoud – KCAF Share. Partieel funderingsherstel van woningblokken – KCAF Share. Handboek Aanschrijven – KCAF. repair; foundation renewal; foundation problems; funderingsherstel .. is derived from the CURNET / SBR Handboek Funderingsherstel and CURNET / SBR.

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During the concept development the focus will be on one of these principles per time leading to different concept designs. Hereby, the ground floor will stay intact. CIE TK V07 21 Masonry As with most old buildings in the Netherlands the transfer of the loads from the structure to the foundation is provided by heavy masonry walls. Other types of wood used for foundation piles in the Netherlands are larch, fir, oak and alder.

This cantilever beam can possibly be combined with the pressure block needed for the post-tensioned cables. Bricks before were produced locally with clay or slip from a river nearby. The pile is driven internally by a heavy weight winched up to drive down onto a dry concrete plug prop at the foot of the pile.


Finally, the bending moment resistance is given by: How and with what knowledge current foundations are funderimgsherstel build? First, the general requirements for the design are given. Prins mentioned that bottom driven steel piles are still most frequently used, simply because it is the cheapest method, he explained.

Notice that slow in this sense means that it can deal with deformation caused by, for instance negative friction. Funderingsherstell downside is, especially when there is much groundwork to be done, that the costs can add up vastly. Costs In two reports it is claimed that the costs for this method are relatively low 6. The degradation will be the largest at the pile head and decreases with depth.


For the shorter and therefore often thinner piles they most often used pine m. This research was carried out in cooperation with the Dutch knowledge centre concerning foundation problems KCAF which gave me the opportunity to apply the mostly theoretical education to an actual practical problem.

Finding a new cost-effective construction method will be the innovative and most challenging part within this thesis. As a conclusion of the above, three design principles are determined: If the foundation is damaged badly the information on the cause s and consequences can be used to determine what kind of foundation repair is needed. Screw-injection piles and jack-down piles are used to limit noise and vibration nuisance 6.

However, in a later stage alterations of course can be done to optimize the design. The groundwater moves relatively poor threw the soft soil of the Holocene layer. The interviews consist of three main topics which are repair techniques, costs and innovation. Plus there are no additional costs since the work is done outside and underneath the house 6. The piles were driven in the spaces between. The chosen names for the three concept design together with their related design principles are: Sometimes this is used in combination with grout-injection.


The design value of the shear resistance is determined by the summation of the shear capacity of the prestressed masonry and additional shear reinforcement takes as: Most importantly; the design must be feasible and able to compete with existing construction methods.

The case study should be a representative example. Prestressed concrete beams When the foundation is accessible from the outside the prestressed concrete beam method can be used, said Prins. Environment Soil, air, space, ground water, gravity.

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Distinction can be made by Bullivant, A small evaluation on the results is given in the next paragraph. Most interesting findings are given below and summaries of all interviews can be found, in Dutch, in the appendix.


The chosen characteristics are listed in the table below together with a brief explanation on the design choices made. The four main rivers Rhine, Meuse, Schelde and IJssel and the influence of the sea have strongly formed the Netherlands and have determined the Dutch soil structure. More specific, funderingsheestel explained, that the desk study and tilt measurements cost around 1.

The size of the bricks also differs per region and it was untilwhen the Vunderingsherstel Act Woningwet was introduced, that rules were set about the minimum exterior wall thickness.

Hence, additional shear reinforcement is also needed in this funderingshersel to fulfil the requirement that the shear load applied to the member should be smaller or equal to the shear resistance of the member.

However, if the settlement differences are large and ongoing the building will tilt, crack and eventually become uninhabitable or even structurally fail. If crack handobek and deformations gandboek small and constant no immediate action is needed. Such as loads from abutments, excavations nearby, embankments, trees, vibrations, etc. In the 11th century an improvement came with the use of masonry like blocks kloostermoppen which kept the timber frame from the soil and increased the footprint on the soil.

This will give an overview of the possible foundation repair methods available. Different concept designs will be developed through innovation one of which will be elaborated on in Part 3 — design validation.