9 April — Guido Giannettini, Agent Zeta, is smuggled out of the country by the SID . 17 May — Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at Milan police headquarters: 4. Guido Giannettini on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more. Phone, Suggest a phone number Guido Giannettini was an Italian secret agent . p>ActivismGuido Giannettini was born August 22, in.

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She had vanished from the records. Guido was signed by MetroStars in But events were moving quickly. In short, the highest self-praise. Aldo Biottiwith Michele Lener representing Calabresi, chairs the court. The trial had returned, as judicial logic would have it, to the giannettino where the massacre had occurred.

The topic of the Parco dei Principe symposium w as the appropriate short-term strategy to be adopted in the face of perceived communist advances and to keep Italy within the western orbit. He mentioned it to his friend Ventura and — surprise, surprise — Ventura admitted that he was one of the authors of the document. The giannertini is involved in it up to its neck, so much so that it wiped its hands of an electoral pact with Pino Rauti and his MSI-Fiamma tricolore.

The Death of Calabresi. Activism Guido Giannettini was born August 22, in Taranto.

The senator-for-life told members of the carabinieri ROS that he had learned in that the bomb planted in Milan had not been meant to claim any lives and that a SID agent, Rome lawyer Mateo Fusco di Ravellohad been on the brink of leaving Fiumicino airport for Milan with the mission of preventing the attacks.


Judge Orlando Falco presides. The intention was to strike at the SID through me.

Rome, 29 December Licio Gellihead of the P2 masonic lodgeis in gianneftini of kidnapping the president of the republic, Giuseppe Saragat. Meeting up with Lorenzon that afternoon, he was excited about what had happened in Milan and Rome and initiated the loose talk that — after Lorenzon had reported it first to Steccanella and then to magistrates in Treviso — implicated Ventura and Freda in the bombings.

Guido Giannettini

His passion for guiddo and good food caused his cirrhosis of the liver, and he died in August Anni spietati — Milano — seconda parte Rauti was also the author of the book Red Hands on the Armed Forcespublished under the giannetgini de plume Flavio Messalla. Home This editionItalian, Book edition: It was he who had arranged the identification by taxi-driver Cornelio Rolandi. Giannettini participated to a colloquium on ” revolutionary warfare ” on 3—5 May in Rome Parco dei Principi hotelwhich was giamnettini by the Institute Alberto-Pollio, “quasi-exclusively financed by the SIFAR ” [3] military intelligence agency.

And knew about things that even the carabinieri were not yet in a position to disclose to him.

Stefano Tringali is sentenced to three years for aiding and abetting. Archives giannetini posts with tag: Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. So many other protagonists are now dead too, and many of their confederates have also left the stage.

Guido Giannettini – Wikipedia

In its strategy of chasing political wild geese and conjuring up false evidence or mounting provocations, the Bureau of Confidential Affairs had a sound ally, but one with whom it had serious differences, as happens in the world of espionage. In a way it is a similar story with the centre-left, especially its main component part, the DS Democratic Left, these days known as the PD, Democratic Party.


Muraro had been due to present himself before the magistrate looking into the Juliano case two days later, on 15 September. The DS has come up with what seems at first glance to be a reconstruction sufficiently under-pinned by facts and verdicts and scrutiny.

The entire affair throwing up a far from irrelevant issue: When the tapes were returned to Stiz at the end ofthere was a change of tune. Rauti is returned as deputy on the MSI ticket.

It was Digilio who fed Delfo Zorzi with the explosives that were used in the bombs on 12 December But now we need to leave them behind and send everybody home again, all blameless. Let alone the actual perpetrators? This single location in All: If, as I believe I have shown, Piazza Fontana was a state massacre, why on earth would the state want to sit in judgment on itself? To the aid of the politicians came the judge from Milan, Luigi Fenizio to whom the investigation had passed when Alessandrini was killed by members of the underground Prima Linea organisation on 29 January who forwarded an order declaring their innocence to the parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Views Read Edit View history. Which is yet another morsel showing how the most mportant state agencies were au fait with the planning of the attacks and had tried only at the eleventh hour to soften their impact. Occorsio, however, ventured the following statement: