9 April — Guido Giannettini, Agent Zeta, is smuggled out of the country by the SID . 17 May — Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at Milan police headquarters: 4. Guido Giannettini on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more. Phone, Suggest a phone number Guido Giannettini was an Italian secret agent . p>ActivismGuido Giannettini was born August 22, in.

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He ordered the arrest of Patrese, Fachini and Gustavo Bocchinigrandson of Arturo Bocchinithe one-time chief of police under the fascists. Share this video with your family and friends. In short, now the massacre was the subject of new court proceedings following the arrest of Delle ChiaieCarnevale was the very man for the Piazza Fontana case.

The Treviso magistrates did not share these opinions.

He claimed that on the afternoon in question, after phoning the school and discovering Luigi was feeling better, he had visited a family friend, Diego Giannolla in his law chambers. Rauti was also the author of the book Red Hands on the Armed Forcespublished under the goannettini de plume Flavio Messalla. It was only a way of buying time because at the time the magistrate was away and I had to face Ventura on a daily basis. It was Digilio who fed Delfo Zorzi with the explosives that were used in the bombs on 12 December Playing career Guido was signed by MetroStars in Muraro had been due to present himself before the magistrate looking into the Juliano case two days later, on 15 September.

Meeting up with Lorenzon that afternoon, he was excited about what had happened in Milan and Rome and initiated the loose talk that — after Lorenzon had reported it first to Steccanella and then to magistrates in Treviso — implicated Ventura and Freda in the bombings.

The acquittal of the trio hammered giaannettini the old formula about insufficiency of the evidence, a formula that has now been formally done away with.

When a discernable fascist lead surfaced in connection with the Piazza Fontana massacre and it become increasingly less concealable, the new bosses of the Italian secret services played their role well as misleaders and provocateurs.


These online bookshops told us they have this item: The strategy of tension theory was being elaborated— and elaborated openly. Activism Guido Giannettini was born August 22, in Taranto. Again, it was he who — in the indictment presented to the courts, as if to salvage the only piece of evidence on which he had built his indictment — had denied the glaringly obvious.

Maletti was sentenced to four years for procuring perjured testimony and Labruna and Tanzilli each got two years. Then again many a long year ago the upper reaches of the Italian state … those Christian Democrats and Social Democrats who effectively acted in cahoots with the Italian and US secret services and with rightwing extremist henchmen. The offences alleged against them are: Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add giannettink tag for this edition.

Minetto, of course, denied his part in the affair. But there is a but. Giannettini participated to a colloquium on “revolutionary warfare” on 3—5 May in Rome Parco dei Principi hotelwhich ginnettini organized by the Institute Alberto-Pollio, “quasi-exclusively financed by the SIFAR” military intelligence agency.

But the judges, however, soon realised that the matter was not within their competence. But Taviani did not stop there. With regard to the senior level of the organisation, Ronconi added: It was not enough that Zorzi a very wealthy clothing industrialist-turned-Japanese citizen whose initial defence counsel was Gaetano Pecorellaa deputy for Forza Italia and subsequently for the PDL, a man who was also defence counsel to Silvio Berlusconihad repeatedly threatened Siciliano and offered him loads of money to get him to retract.

But Giannettini was the only one in court: A fire started in the Pirelli-Bicocca tarpaulin depot in the Viale Sarca took ten hours to burn out.

How can he still be guilty of aiding and abetting when the main accused have been acquitted? Also, in September, Ventura showed him a battery-operated timer.

The latter case also relied on inquiries conducted by gainnettini in Treviso and Padua and elsewhere — inquiries that had brought to light the part played by the fascists and secret services in the giannettinl strategy. Aldo Biottiwith Michele Lener representing Calabresi, chairs the court.

Guido Giannettini

On 24 August the commission closed the file on the accusations against AndreottiRumorTanassi and Zagari and all four politicians were dropped from the investigation. They absolved Giannettini on grounds of insufficient evidence and reduced the sentences passed on Maletti and Labruna.


The day after the discovery an article appeared in the daily Il Resto del Carlino — a newspaper belonging to the Attilio Monti group — over the by-line of Guido Paglia, an Avanguardia Nazionale member who had recently become a journalist. That was not enough. Gianadelio Maletti is sentenced to 15 years for destroying and concealing evidence. Fumagalli had set up the Movimento di Azione Rivoluzionaria MAR and to provide cover for its illegal activities, he ran a garage, which specialised in off-the-road vehicles and associated activities.

Pigeons coming home to roost. In Vittorio Veneto, Guido Lorenzon visits lawyer Alberto Steccanella to report that a friend, Giovanni Venturamay have been implicated in the 12 December bomb outrages.

On 26 December, having realised the gravity of the facts provided by Lorenzon, the lawyer visited the Treviso prosecutor and related everything that his client had told him: It was his idea to commission the publishing of thousands upon thousands of pro-Chinese leaflets, which he entrusted to Stefano Delle Chiaie for distribution through Avanguardia Nazionale and Ordine Nuovo members.

Activism [ edit ] Guido Giannettini was born August 22, in Taranto. Tags What are tags? The damage was estimated at a thousand million lire at the time. Questioned by magistrates, Pan began guiido. Valpreda and Gargamelli were cleared of massacre, on grounds of insufficient evidence and convicted on the count of criminal conspiracy.

Conte Pietro Loredan centre.

Guido Giannettini – Wikipedia

Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. The publisher had planted a bomb which had failed to go off, in a public office in Milan, in May; he had funded the August train bombings; he knew the underpass at the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro where the bomb went off on 12 December like the back of his hand and could not understand how on earth the bomb in the Banca Commerciale in Milan had failed to explode.

Judging by the characteristic smell of bitter almonds after the explosion, it must have been the by now famous gelignite.