Rimbaud has ratings and 45 reviews. Eddie said: There will never be a single biography that does Rimbaud total justice, and that’s as it should be be. ‘Robb has written a great biography – scholarly, humane and above all marvelously Graham Robb’s brilliant biography moves Rimbaud on from his perpetual. In this robust biography, Robb (Balzac; Victor Hugo) contemplates the life of Arthur Rimbaud () as if the French poet/ vagabond’s deeds were those of.

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He succeeds – and poetry was merely a rmibaud, a means that he laid aside with not so much as a second thought when he didn’t need it any longer or find it particularly useful to achieve his larger purposes. It also seems to me that one might see him working out this project in three different phases of his life.

Someone at Norton should be slapped. But with this telling and vital difference — fraham is well known for his eager assimilation into the cultures and societies he inhabits; he is continually and unstintingly generous to those at the edges of survival. Then comes the second phase, when AR had come to realize that he had the power to smash his compartmented life.

Rimbaud: A Biography by Graham Robb

Story of his life. AR was, of course, a highly intelligent, imaginative and verbally gifted individual, who was born to parents of the worst possible sort — his father an absence, his mother – grasping, avaricious, narrow, mean-spirited, bigoted, cracker filth grahaj the lowest order, a joyfully sadistic killer of souls.

Which image is correct I certainly don’t know – but this is an excellent biography – whether you are an existing Rimbaud fan or not. Sep 19, Daniel Burton-Rose rated it really liked it. Feels like reading a mystery, so little is known of Rimbaud’s life.

From phenomenally precocious rovb He has focused the energies of Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. His knowledge of the period enables him to set the scene with the minimum of fuss.

Above all else, he was adaptable and resourceful. Born into a poor provincial family, he was performing feats of prodigious intelligence by his early teens. He wrote everything so young that hardly anyone who met him thought of making the sort of useful, respectful record of his conversation which a biographer needs; his fame was posthumous. The list runs something rimbadu this: But this brief, five-year period as the enfant-terible of French literature is only one small side of Rimbaud’s story.


In both the lit. It served Rimbaud well to present different facets to different people as we all do but he seems to have abandoned poetry whilst keeping an eye on a growing cult reputation in France. Rimbaud obviously was a genius but like many his life was one of great tumult and struggle.

A Biograpy Graham Robb No preview available – But his posthumous career is even more astonishing: Disease and the unimaginable suffering he endured in his last months turned him into somebody else altogether – but that person wasn’t AR. This book is beautifully written and completely intoxicating.

Aug 05, Richard Newton rated it really liked it Shelves: Or else his homosexuality was part and parcel of his “immense and reasoned derangement of the senses” – a way into those unknown dimensions he had proclaimed in his famous “Lettre du Voyant” or “Seer’s Manifesto”, which he dashed off in a letter when he was 16 and which has since become one of the “sacred documents” of modern literature.

He had always treated poems as a form of private communication. We see his relationship with Verlaine and the self destructive tendencies of both- his relationships with family- an absent father, a controlling mother.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What we didn’t know about the rest of his life is probably more eye-opening.

Also Rimbaud was one of Jim Morrisons’ literary models in his music and poetry. Published December 17th by W. Anyway, our life is misery, endless misery! Some of us will be puzzling over him forever.

He lived a life akin to how Tristan Tzara described dada – a life “with neither bedroom slippers rimbajd parallels.

Another brilliant biography from Robb. A lengthy in depth biography of the poet Arthur Rimbaud. His Rimbaud is a much bigger drinker, drug user, and buggeree than I previously thought, and a vile prankster jerking off in his housemate’s glass of milk, poisoning dogs, shitting on a table during a party and running his hands through it, etc.

Most likely those who take the trouble to read such a hefty volume are already familiar with Rimbaud’s work and own books of his poetry, but it would be nice for those whose volumes don’t include specific poems or those who aren’t as familiar. Then he died fr 3star more for the subject matter than the writing.


As for the two little books with which Rimbaud concluded his life’s work, the Saison en Enfer and Les Illuminations, there is ribmaud like them in world literature, and there never will be. We see the filthy peasant boy in Paris or endlessly rrobb the road, with lice in his hair cultivated “to flick at passing priests”; the scourge of polite Parnassian poets; the vagabond years with Verlaine in Belgium and London; the prematurely wizened, knuckle-headed trader in east Africa; finally, the haggard, semi-delirious amputee, dying of leg cancer at the Hpital de la Conception in Rgaham.

What did we know about this teenage libertine poet with the brilliant blue eyes? Robb researches his books thoroughly. Robb has written a great biography – scholarly, humane and above all marvellously entertaining. To read these pages is truly to go back in time to walk the boulevards of 19th century Paris with Rimbaud and Verlaine.

The infernal bridegroom

Robb takes us on a biographical journey through three continents and many different identities. I, for one, am unable to form any conception of another life that might approach a clear and accurate approximation of past reality by grappling with only one biography. Jan 10, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: But in another, more practical aspect, he is a complete nightmare. I’ll return with iron limbs; dark skin, a furious look: I suspect its hard to argue with that.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Books by Graham Robb. First he uses his considerable powers of observation, which extreme necessity renders even more acute, to take the measure of the very dangerous world he inhabits, which he knows is fixed and settled, a world he is utterly powerless to alter or amend.