GFI Knowledge Base articles; Web forum; Contacting GFI Technical Support. If this manual does not A list of common issues encountered when using GFI FaxMaker: Email2FaxGateway Error during document conversion ยท Error Ensure that the FaxMaker printer driver on the server machine is installed on the GFIFAX port and is set up as default printer. Check that the application program. GFI FaxMaker Manual Online: Troubleshooting, Introduction, Common Issues, Table 14 Gfi faxmaker fax server getting started guide. . Document.

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Services should run as domain admin. Check that the application program is installed on the server and that there is association to print with the files. NET Forum Version 3.

Excel Attachment conversion failed : 1701

Check faxmake firewall is blocking connection between GFI. If you don’t get a when resending it then check that winword. We had the same problem. Yes, did that as well. When I send a document text, word, PDFit fails with: I can send Excel files fine.

Thanks for everyones help.

Don’t show me this message again. I open the FAxmaker Fax Message Form and type a message and insert a fax number and hit send, it just hangs for a bit before doing anything and then later I get this: After uninstalling ie8 on the fax server the issue cleared up.


Johanne, Please perform the procedure below: Document conversion timeout Monday, December 17, When I type something in faxmakker or send an adobe file there is no problem.

GFI Back to gfi.

1701 Fehler

Additionally make sure it’s the actual. NET Forum Version 3. Document Conversion Timeout Friday, November 12, Thanks for the quick reply watchdog We added a DEP acception for “fmgwinet. Hello again, If we upgrade to v14 will we solve the problem or not? Page of 59 Go.

Troubleshooting and support

What do you suggest? Should you require any updates or further information, kindly contact us using the support form at the following link: Please send me the files gathered in steps 3 and fazmaker 5 Send me also a set of troubleshooter files to support gfi. This is only happening when I use the coverpage.

Log in to the server with the same credentials and ensure the FAXmaker printer is default printer I already did check those. No popups, No “would you like famaker save this files”, nothing.

I have been using faxmaker for almost 2 years with no problems and no changes. Log in to fadmaker server with the same credentials and ensure the FAXmaker printer is default printer.


How can we help? Ticket reference numbers Tuesday, December 18, Document Conversion Timeout Tuesday, November 23, I ended the task of Winword. I even reinstalled Office and checked again. Yes I have, and it looks like the issue is step one – I can’t print to the Faxmaker gfl from the server.

Document conversion timeout Wednesday, December 12, 1: Every once in a while my users are getting the good ol “Attachment conversion failed: Email2FaxGateway dialog, click Test to ensure correct communication between the two.


Excel Attachment conversion failed :

Does anyone have a idea why this happens? Check that the application program is installed on the server and that there is association to print with the files.

Document Conversion Timeout Thursday, November 11, 2: Also that looks like a word problem your getting when doing the print from the. Johann, Are you sending any attachment with the mail? Document conversion timeout Friday, December 07, 5: Ordering How to order Order online Find a partner Pricing. Current active users There are 0 members and 1 guests.

NET Forum Version 3.