Illusion by Frank Peretti – A stunning new thriller from the father of Christian fiction —a grieving husband encounters a teen identical to his dead wife in face. Some novelists resist allegory, but Peretti (Monster) embraces it. Illusion. Frank Peretti. Howard, $ (p) ISBN Illusion. Frank Peretti. BookPage review by Sandy Amazeen. Web Exclusive – March 09, Christian novelist Frank Peretti, author of This Present Darkness, .

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Now, my friends, don’t let the blurb on the back of this book sway you. Before I really get to my review, I have to make a confession. Just posted my full review at teGeorge.


Especially, since most of the secondary characters were underdeveloped. Yes, poor soul Mandy thrown for a loop, and then having to figure life out in a decadent and evil world.

I’d given the novel four stars for the wonderful descriptions of multiple timeline existence alone. Yes, it is not your typical story, but it is still captivating and skillfully written.

Want to Read saving…. Peretti does seem to have one problem that shows up in most of his books even the one I think of as a favorite. Mar 27, Starr rated it it was amazing. I have come to expect a great story from Peretti as I have greatly enjoyed his writing over the years and his amazing attention to detail and imagination have always left me in awe.

It’s also I think a cut above some of what’s called Christian Fiction. Mandy struggles to cope with the changes and understand what happened to her. Distraught and disoriented in what to her is the future, she is confined to a me Dane and Mandy, a popular magic act for forty years, are tragically separated by a car wreck that claims Mandy’s life — or so everyone thinks.


Illusion | Book by Frank Peretti | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

A handkerchief made careful passes over his face perehti and around his eyes. Alone in a strange world, she uses her mysterious powers to eke out a living, performing magic on the streets and in a quaint coffee shop.

If you are looking for a complex book with a big mystery and lots of twists and turns then I recommend you check out Illusion. My all time favorite author just released ilusion latest book, so what do I do the moment it arrives? I thought that the main characters were well written and I could ‘picture’ them.

The only negative I found in this book was the scientific mumbo-jumbo. The science was pretty in depth too.

Are Mandy’s inexplicable illusions more than simply illusions? This book is mostly Christian by virtue of what’s missing – In high school, the majority of my reading was made up of Christian fiction.

He’s the Christian equivalent of Stephen King, master at words and being able to draw the reader in slowly and keeping them engaged until the final page is turned and you sigh. I was in it start to finish. When time-travel feels more believable than love and faith, I feel Peretti has come up short. That’s why this get’s 4 stars instead of 5.

Peretti released his first-ever non-fiction book, The Wounded Spirit inwhich perwtti became a best-seller. This was a fairly light, enjoyable romantic sci-fi book that developed quite slowly over the pages. That being said, I’d like to firmly state that I would have enjoyed this one much more if it had been well-written, or even mediocre writing.


He’s written books Pereyti thought were okay including the YA books that were his first to catch notice. Peretti definietly kept my attention through the entire novel. As she is leaning against a tree, eating her chicken basket, something strange occurs.

Those pages illision pages of cute coins and spinning hulu loops became boring. It made for an intriguing story that was hard to put down. Even if you are not a Peretti fan, if you’re looking for something different in the realm of Christian fiction, this is it.

I much prefer to hold a book in my hand. Tragedy strikes when their BMW collides in an intersection with another car and bursts into flames. That is, until he meets a young woman in a shopping strip who’s voice and mannerisms remind him of his precious Mandy. Because this novel spliced sci-fi thriller with romance, illlusion needed to be pleasing on both fronts, but I was unsatisfied on both ends.

Jun 28, Heidi rated it really liked franm. After all, every story is a unique experience; they impact us in so many ways, some of which we aren’t made aware of until much later. He has made a short but distinguished list as one of my favorite authors! It’s more confusing than River Song’s timeline, but good.

But it is not wondrous to read about someone, illuson, juggling.