Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 2 – Finishing Cosplay Weapons, Armor Cosplay, Cosplay Diy,. Visit. Home. Bill Doran/Punished Props’ Foam Armorsmithing Vol. Armorsmith is the latest tech offering from The Armored Garage. It’s a tool designed for cosplayers by a cosplayer. Check out the link for more information. Learn how to make your own foam armor costume! This is the eBook bundle that includes “Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes” and “Foam Armor.

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I try to abide by these in my cosplaying, but I foma up too and get distracted by shinies. So I set out on a journey to make a tool for cosplayers by a cosplayer. Do you know how frustrating it is to buy the wrong shade of fabric because your brain remembered it differently than the real deal?!

Resin kits Destiny, Game of Thrones. Armorsmith is a piece of software aimed at the creation and design of costumes. Basic Armorsmlthing Pattern Collection – 15 Swords: Last, but definitely not least, measure twice, cut once.

Always check your stash to see if you have something that will work. Those are my tips. Tips for Cosplaying on a Budget cannypucacosplay: I’ve decided that the way I would like to tackle these is to split them into phases.


This will be one of the most interesting phases for me. Pleated skirt and armsocks to order Rapture Costumiers: Cosplay and the Art of Self Expression Project: How do people with limited budgets actually do it without going broke?

Connect with your local fabric store. Attach those costume pieces to the avatar to see how they fit together. Steven Universe gems Korov Creations: Remember too that different Goodwills have different stock, so you armorsmuthing check out multiple ones. Look for mundane alternatives. Kamui Cosplay Book collection: And on that note…. It keeps money separate and makes a clear designation. Sewing patterns Henchmen Props: It will take you through the process of armorsmithig from start to finish.

Free: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2 – Other Books – Auctions for Free Stuff

Weapons, props, and armor. This can halve your cosplay cost and cut the stress, too. Arnorsmithing body types, ie weight, and muscle tone. Cosplay and the Art of Self Expression.

Asari Commando and Batgirl pattern. If your cosplay has smaller pieces, go for the remnants section at the fabric store. Now it’s on the precipice of the first beta release. If you have any questions or suggestions about Armorsmith make sure to drop me a line:.

FREE: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2

A friend and local cosplayer of mine needs some help to win a cosplay contest for a scholarship. Armor patterns, horns Fev Studios: In phase 1 I’ll be expanding on that toolset. Free Nova Blizzard Rifle Pattern: Currently in the beta users amorsmithing adjust the height, limb size, and gender of the avatar.


Dress armorsmithint, lolita style. Now includes patterns and ready-made props. Pleated skirt and armsocks to order. This will be both for creating new parts inside of the tool as well as modifying existing ones. Resin gems for Steven Universe.

Answering all your Cosplay Questions. God Save the Queen Fashions: The Book of Prop Making: I hope they help you guys. Resin casts and props Sailor Moon primarily Volpin Props: PauldronDestiny Knife.

Simulation of patterns in 3d with different elastic properties. Daft Punk helmets Battosai Props: Layers in the unfold view for layering changes on top of existing patterns without sacrificing the unfold.

Attention American Seamsters slightly-oblivvyous: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes: The Book of Cosplay Lights: Sales can drop the price of something significantly. Use it for something else.