Alex is The Romance Fox said: Just finished Faithfull for the 3rd time! to come to terms with who this person is and what I’m getting from her autobiography. Faithfull has ratings and 18 reviews. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears said: The unmanagable woman has been seen. Buy Faithfull: An Autobiography by Marianne Faithfull (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Yes, I love the fact she was literary, moved by Coleridge, Carroll and others. Faithfull Forever Rich Kid Blues. Great bit of history An interesting read, but definitely a downer in places about the extreme drug abuse and making the same mistakes over and over again.

I expected a lot more given she ajtobiography David Dalton as a co-writer. All I got from Bob was ‘What?

Particularly interesting for anyone wondering what it was like to be at the court of the Stones in the 60s and autobiograpny ideal companion to Keith’s “Life”. Front cover of Faithfull: The book was also accompanied by the release of a compilation album Faithfull: Oct 13, Katherine Basto rated it really liked it.

The second part will be about my thoughts on Marianne Faithfull as a person.

I was eager to read this book as I had heard so much growing up what an icon Marianne Faithfull was, but I didn’t understand why or what she had really done to achieve that status. Talk about someone who knows who she is and can look back on her life with a brilliant sense of humor!

Few people could stand to be this frank about all aspects of their lives, especially when that includes promiscuity and heavy drug use. Although she was in the! There she frolicked with the most luminous of the young, rich, and reckless, including Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. There are two scenes with Bob Dylan that are worthy of wider note in the canons of the era. Additionally, it made me curious about her music, which I then explored and enjoyed, particularly “Broken English.


I really liked it, though my upbringing kept tapping me on the shoulder saying things like, “Shouldn’t you be shocked? Turns out this should be three. Jim Morrison, the Last Holy Fool,etc. Faithfull, on the other hand, can recall most of the faces and places involved with her sundry rises and drug-sodden crashes of the last three decades.

Faithfull, who’s had her own share of same-sex dalliances, suggests it was sexual tensions among the highly repressed Stones that gave them their manic energy: Forever Faithfull My second reading.

I knew she had slept with two of the stones. But after leaving rehab and informing her drug-addicted boyfriend that she had to move on, she watched him walk into their bedroom. You feel like Marianne is actually telling you the story while hanging out in the living room, relaxed and casual. Like an undercover cop.

She especially has a talent for detailing the hedonistic era of acid tripping and autobikgraphy adventures. Her encounters with Bob Dylan and autbiography make this an interesting read for music fans. She was married and a mother when she taithfull in with Jagger, having already bedded fellow Stones Brian Jones and Keith Richards. Actually, cocktails with Princess Margaret was a little bit more relaxed.

Not to miss is one of the last photos–it’s just her cleavage. It’s always very reassuring to see him. This inspiring woman has had one wild life and candidly shares her experiences in this awesome autobiography.

She describes running into Bob Dylan and happily telling him that she’s off heroin, in treatment, and very happy.

Marianne Faithfull and David Dalton. An enjoyable read from an incredibly fascinating woman from a time that still resonates.

FAITHFULL: An Autobiography by Marianne with David Dalton Faithfull | Kirkus Reviews

View all 7 comments. Faithfull is no victim, but a willing participant in her autobiographu destruction then redemption. While it was Faithfull who left Mick, it took her almost 20 years to vanquish the experience. Faithfull speculates that the only person Mick loves is Keith. This is the rawest account of rock and roll living that I have ever read. A dark romanticism — what she calls a “”Walter Pater aestheticism,”” replete with flashes of everything from astrology to black magic — pervades the narrative, which is chock-full of encounters with pop legends John Lennon is “”amusingly cruel””; Allen Ginsberg “”has never been hip””.


Faithfull: An Autobiography

Feb 25, Ian Mapp rated it really liked it. Life was one big party while she left her contrived domestic life for someone else to deal with. I found her personality to be a little pathetic. I felt really sad as I read about this young woman whose life could or may have been so different and to actually experience what she did at that age. Her sequel was published last year but this is the real thing.


The writing style is autobiobraphy open and conversational. Wife, mother, muse, popstar, punk diva, ethereal English rose, homeless junkie, recovering addict Jun 20, Ilona Fox rated it really liked it. Aug 22, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: After a long commercial absence, she returned late in with the la Marianne Faithfull is an English singer, songwriter, actress and diarist whose career spans over four decades.

Faithfull’s subsequent solo work, often critically acclaimed, has at times been overshadowed by her personal history. I was much more subdued and manageable. I feel extremely sad for her son, who she hardly mentions – she spends much more time in the book describing her drug and music buddies than she does her child who she can’t even care for because she’s autoiography involved with drugs. But I didn’t put two and two together till I read I’m With the Band Pamela has a whole rap about strawberry- and peach-flavored douches.