The EyesWeb Tutorial aims at sharing with participants the experience of Casa Paganini – InfoMus in scientific research, technological. This paper introduces the EyesWeb XMI platform (for eX- tended Multimodal .. A one-week tutorial, the Eye-. sWeb Week is organized every. yourself, this is a good place to start. Further tutorials can also be found on the Eyesweb website under

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The EyesWeb Week is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Eyesweb at various expertise levels: The DANCE example tools and patches are programs, written to be execute by EyesWeb, that allow the user to record, playback and analyze multimodal data video, audio, motion capture, sensors.

So tutorjal analog security camera with an IR filter would be the best option to hook up to vvvv? Me being on a mac wont be a problem I hope, in regards to capture boards etc? Eeysweb care not to have any sunlight in your room condition as sun is a big infrared light source.

Thanks for your quick reply! Motion tracking with EyesWeb, application in vvvv general. So stack about 2 to 4 blue filters and 1 or 2 red filters and you ll eyeseeb a visible light filter which will allow IR light to pass through.

Audio is encoded in AAC format at Hz. Hi I don t really and completely understand your question but, yes, the blue filter filters out most of visible light except eyeswwb and the red filter filters out most visible light except the red spectrum.

Registration to the EyesWeb Week is free of charge eyseweb limited seats. Hi erik, most IR-cams just starts above nm. For example, synchronization can be used to assess coordination between hands. This isnt covered by red filter or actually a small amount only. The main focus is on the EyesWeb XMI open software platform for scientific and technological research and development of innovative multimodal interfaces, systems, and applications including distributed and mobile apps in a growing number of fields, such as therapy and rehabilitation, independent living, artistic production, active experience of cultural heritage, tutoiral education.


If you did not record any data you can download some sample data from this website. It is computed using alfa-stable distributions.

Eyes Web Week 2016

If you need cool IR-Filters for a cam not for the light: But as i right understand graphic tab the blue filter allow pass blue light and maybe bit of red. The recording tool records avi files. Fluidity is computed as the distance between the evolution in time of Humanoid Mass-Spring model eyewweb.

The control type section controls the synchronization mode.

EyesWeb for Kinect by don glov on Prezi

Hi frank I have found graphic tabs of filter and i am bit confused. Audio recorder tool download installer The audio recorder tool is depicted in the below: An impulsive movement can be performed by a part of the body or by the whole body and is characterized by the following properties: For more information read our Cookie policy. In slave mode the tool receives the clock time from an external device the master.

The video is encoded in MPEG-4 format, the resolution is x and the framerate is 50 fps. Download the IMU and motion capture sample data As reported in the above paragraphs, you have to download and extract some sample data in order to run the DANCE example patches.

Thanks a lot for your help. The last version of EyesWeb is the 5. The algorithm takes as input the 3D joint accelerations on a time window on which the suddenness has to be computed, and then it fits it into the alfa-stable distribution.


Playback patch Once you recorded some audio, video and IMU data, you can play it back using the playback patch.

You will see the following screen: You can download it from the following link: To use and test the patches:. P1 the movement of each involved joint of the part of the body is smooth, following the standard definitions in the literature of biomechanics; P2: The EyesWeb Week is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Eyesweb at various expertise levels:.

Once you recorded some audio, video and IMU data, you can play it back using the playback patch. In the DANCE project we aim to innovate the state of art on the automated analysis of the expressive movement. The options panel allows you to configure the working mode of the recorder.

Please register yourself to the event here: The following analysis primitive can be extracted on multimodal data using the patches you can download below:. The links reported below summarize the patches for computing features and analysis primitives from IMUs. Multiple instances of the video recorder tool can be started and can work standalone, or synchronized with the other recorders. The current version of the DANCE example tools and patches includes applications allowing you to perform different tasks: In the lower left part of the recorder interface you can read the current streaming framerate related to each sensor Two channels are recorded: To study it, we focus on the sets of non-verbal expressive features that are described in detail in Deliverable 5.