Eigenantrag · Eigenkapitalersetzendes Darlehen · Eigenverwaltung · Einstellung Nachlassgericht · Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung. Okt. und Durchführung von Verbraucher- und Regelinsolvenzen. Antrag Verbraucherinsolvenz, Antrag Regelinsolvenz, Antrag Privatinsolvenz. Die drohende Zahlungsunfähigkeit ist lediglich bei einem Eigenantrag Bei Regelinsolvenzverfahren („Unternehmensinsolvenzen”, „IN-Verfahren”) wird in der.

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Antragsteller eines Eigenverwaltungsverfahrens kann nur der Schuldner selbst sein. Voting meeting The insolvency court shall docket a meeting to discuss the insolvency plan reeglinsolvenz the voting rights of the parties concerned and subsequently vote on the plan. The insolvency proceedings shall be terminated once the insolvency plan has been accepted. Furthermore, you must inform the court and the trustee of any change of residence or employment on your own initiative.

Wird bei vorzeitiger Aufhebung des Schutzschirmverfahrens vgl. Diese Frage hat hohe praktische Relevanz. Certification When petitioning for insolvency, the debtor must enclose certification of a professional with experience in insolvency matters or a person with comparable qualifications.

Final record, reporting and final meeting Eigenantra final meeting shall be dispensed eigenantfag once the insolvency plan has been accepted. The duration of this process depends in particular on whether immovable assets are involved, fegelinsolvenz receivable must be recovered in the dispute, special assets and challenges against insolvency must be pursued through the courts by the insolvency monitorseveral years of taxes need to be processed or creditors bring actions against the challenge to the claims lodged.

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These duties and eiyenantrag are limited to an internal monitoring, e. Die Zustimmung des Sachwalters ist jedoch Wirksamkeitsvoraussetzung. Enforcement measures must be suspended upon the corresponding petition and decision of the insolvency court.

The law designates the following competencies to the insolvency monitor, which may also be transferred accordingly to the provisional insolvency monitor: If there are grounds for insolvency and a sufficient claim has been determined, insolvency proceedings are opened unless this is rejected for lack of funds.

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The option for provisional self-administration was also created. The insolvency court generally relies upon an expert to review whether grounds for opening insolvency proceedings exist. During the final meeting, the debtor once again reports on the final insolvency proceedings. This certification essentially constitutes the significant difference from the simple petition for self-administration. The interests of the creditors are protected by the fact that the company has been placed under the supervision of a provisional insolvency monitor.

However, this does not include those claims that relate to any intentional illegal actions on your part, nor does it apply to penalties, fines, administrative fines or other penalty payments. Eigenntrag corrective measure for the creditors is the fact that this insolvency plan must not be any worse eigenaantrag liquidation.

Der Insolvenzantrag bedarf der Schriftform. Furthermore, provisional self-administration must be petitioned by the debtor. Primary creditor information There is generally significant time pressure involved in implementing insolvency protection proceedings. If you are a creditor and have registered a claim before the deadline and have not heard anything from the administrator, the claim has been included in the insolvency schedule, Section Paragraph 3 Sentence 3 InsO.

Soweit von Seiten des Insolvenzgerichts keine Fragen mehr bestehen, terminiert das Insolvenzgericht einen Schlusstermin. There is generally significant time pressure involved in implementing insolvency protection proceedings. Forderungen auf eine unentgeltliche Leistung des Schuldners; 5. Gerichtsverhandlungen – Teilnahme von Schulklassen.

Not yet uniformly resolved is the question of the publication of the insolvency protection proceedings.

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Nach erfolgter Verteilung der Insolvenzmasse hebt das Insolvenzgericht das Insolvenzverfahren auf. Ihr zentraler Zugang zur Verwaltung Telefon: However, the debtor is not prevented from further access to its assets. Handelsregister – Eintragung Kommanditgesellschaft KG. If there are no grounds for refusal, the court announces in a decision that you will be granted discharge of residual debt if you meet your legal obligations.

Bescheinigung in Steuersachen – Ausstellung ehemals steuerliche Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung. Diese Rechtsfrage wird in der unterinstanzlichen Rechtsprechung unterschiedlich beantwortet. The same applies to creditors who have not registered their claims during the insolvency proceedings.


Der Insolvenzplan kann als Sanierungsplan oder Liquidationsplan ausgestaltet sein.

Typical procedure for self-administration proceedings

Verfahrensinformationen Kanzlei Presse Karriere. After the final meeting, the insolvency court authorises final distribution in accordance with the distribution schedule submitted unless any objections are raised against this. Antragsteller eines Schutzschirmverfahrens kann nur der Schuldner selbst sein.

Self-administration that has already been ordered may be terminated pursuant to the ESUG rules if. Obligations incumbent on the assets are obligations the insolvency administrator has identified once proceedings have been opened. A mandatory creditors’ committee must be appointed if two of the three following criteria are met:.

Insolvency petition Petitioners for insolvency protection proceedings may only be the debtor himself. If the company is entitled to execute obligations incumbent on the assets, deliveries and services may continue to be met prior to proceedings being opened and even after the date of opening.

Reporting phase Once the insolvency petition has been received, the insolvency court reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition.

Once the discharge of residual debt has been granted, the debtor is disburdened from all obligations rgelinsolvenz prior to opening proceedings.

Unlike with typical insolvency proceedings, the rights to administration and disposition remain with the company. The law distinguishes between mandatory, petitioned and optional creditors’ committees Section 22a InsO, Annex G 16 a.

The advantage to the company is that no loss of control occurs. This allows the continuation of the business and the reorganisation to be separated from any corporate obligations.

Third-party managers in particular should therefore obtain a shareholder resolution prior to filing a petition for insolvency protection proceedings.

However, this requires that this involves the same act of insolvency. If you have now been granted discharge of residual debt by the court, you are now released from all obligations to creditors that have yet to be met.