Hi, Just to let you know that tried yesterday to send the audio output from my pc streaming Deezer to an Egreat-M34A wiht last firmware that. Ok, so I have the eGreat NMT M34A already and i decided to give you guys a long When booted it up, it had October firmware installed. EG-M34A Egreat Media Tank HD Media Player – Accepts USB Drives, RCA,HDMI ,RJ45 Support recover from firmware update failure with fail safe kernel.

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June 15, at 8: Hi, I already have a M32B which doesnt have an update till I just got this M34A player, and apart from its slow start-up takes some time to index files I quite like it.

BADKIWI » Egreat Popcorn media player. M34A to A…

It took 15 seconds to detect. This is what you do. You can download it from European servers as well but I can’t post a link on the forum yet. Do you guys know how to do it? Jan 24, at 6: Jun 13, at I had alot of stuff i wanted to try, so i started: Home About Currency Conversion. Share This Page Tweet. EgreatHD US server, tested ok: M34A to A… Date Posted: NeilFMay 18, Are you sure you really want ot do this?


The time now is I’ve already put indonesian subtitle. First, here are some pictures I took: Look thru the USB stick and there should be a linda.

The sound is barely there, and the subtitles won’t go away, but it works. Dont know why that is, but it played great in the end, so why bother thinking? May 18, at 2: I believe there is tons of movie that has subtitle on original file so we don’t need to add srt, ssa, sub file anymore.

Say ones about Kb big? So, i was pleased, eventhough i did expect it to work fine.

Egreat M34A – A long, informative, text + video review !

Make sure the files are unzipped onto the root of the USB stick. From the screen shot I can see you have no HD, does it matter?

Jul 26, at 2: All credit to Itokazie though. When you change the audio on any file, it takes about 2 seconds.

Star Trek trailer, Disctrict 9 trailer, Transformers 2: The HDMI manuzl worked flawlessly from start, just like the fw install. Post Details Post Title: Place it in the Egreat and turn on the unit. Finally the DTS audio track be played without using an amp.


Google can help you out later on, it is not something you need to decide to do today. But sometimes there is a film that i need to add Indonesian subtitle for my father don’t understand english at all. Picture was great, no need to comment. No more firmware updates.

Enjoy your refreshed M34A. March 1, at 7: May 14, at 9: Yes, no problem playing video. March 14, at Then i tested Matrix Reloaded Nov 22, Messages: This link is a direct download link for the. It was actually capable of playing anything I threw at it and played it well, including streaming from my Sheevaplug Plug Computer via Samba share I never did work out how to get NFS working.

The subs i tried were in Czech and worked no problem, no bad symbols or anything.