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The idea Paul Donders is referring to may be this one: We also requested this for current user and user account.

Same as filter logic based on current user. In addition, the host portal allows these prices to be set differently depending on the type of payment e. Final access time for journalists and still photographers: External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

Ilegalnu prodaju i distribuciju karata Fifa smatra ozbiljnim problemom, a sigurnosne implikacije neautoriziranih transfera ili preprodaje ulaznica maksimalno su ozbiljne. Stoga smo pokretali konkretne pravne akcije […]. The post Liga Evrope: The post Liga prvaka: Jedini pogodak caggepa utakmici postigao je Krste Velkoski spektakularnim udarcem iz voleja u KupBiH Gepostet von […].

Mali MESS — program za djecu i mlade I have xoncurso a Service Fabric cluster in Azure portal by following below url. After creating the Service fabric cluster I am not able to browse the “Client connection endpoint” or “Service Fabric Explorer”.

Davis County Utah

I also installed the default certificate on my machine which is creating at the time of Service fabric cluster creation. Cannot bind parameter ‘StoreLocation’. Cannot convert value “” to type “System. Use a more specific identifier name. Unable to verify connection to Service Fabric cluster. Cluster connection instance is null. The YouTube Gaming app will cease to be in Marchas the streaming service reassesses how to better serve one of its largest audiences.

YouTube users looking exclusively for video game content can now visit a revamped web portal for YouTube Gaming that separates videos by game, and promotes live streamers at youtube. YouTube Gaming launched in as a competitor to Twitch, a gaming focused streaming platform that has become wildly popular for gamers looking to build a following and monetize their playtime.

YouTube boasts more than million viewers for video game content every day and 50 billion hours of gaming videos watched in the last year, but struggles to build the sort of of dedicated gaming communities seen on Twitch.

Major gaming events and individual content creators alike have chosen to partner with Twitch due to its monetization options and a larger focus on community interaction. While YouTube and Twitch both offer a chat service for viewers, Twitch has built a culture across the site with the use of emotes and moderators who voluntarily watch the live chat for bad behavior. Viewers can also subscribe to specific channels for exclusive emotes, and they can purchase a sitewide currency to tip streamers they enjoy.

The ability to earn money while creating content without relying on viewer counts or ad revenue brought a number of popular non-gaming content creators to Twitch, prompting the company to launch Twitch Creative inthe same year YouTube Gaming rolled out. With the line between gaming specific and creative content blurring, YouTube found itself in competition with Twitch for popular content creators.

YouTube began offering its own channel subscriptions in June ; viewers receive a special badge next to their name and access to subscriber only chats. The new YouTube Gaming portal feels familiar to Twitch’s layout as well, with a handful of featured videos or streams being promoted at the top of the page, and the rest of the content sorted by game or viewer engagement. For gamers who are looking to avoid the rest of YouTube, the portal is straightforward and organized, but it remains to be seen if the site can spark a greater level of engagement between YouTube gaming channels and the millions of viewers using the side for on-demand video.


YouTube has committed to highlighting a “Gaming Creator on the Rise” each week to help promote less popular channels.

Video game content remains a major portion of the greater YouTube audience: However, the failure of the YouTube Gaming app edial that the streaming service is still struggling to retain viewer interest and guide them to new content. I am a tenant, and the new highway construction noise What to do if you face noisy construction works and unfair property pricing?

Johor should always have policies which attract foreign investors and expatriates of all nationalities, says Star Media Group Bhd group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai. Wong said in the property sector, developers would make a point to sell their properties to anyone. By Ng Pau Ling pauline thestar. Within three years of its launch, Eco Ardence has rolled out three residential phases: Residents of all ages charmed by the splendour of Shah Alam SIX inspiring individuals from different backgrounds have converged in Shah Alam for various reasons.

From tourist attractions, sprawling greenery to the culinary delights of the land, the people of Shah Alam have much to share — and even more to impart. AS a steadily growing city with a unique culture and lifestyle, Shah Alam is endearing to the older folk who have settled there for decades. At the same time, sprouting trendy townships have endeared Alibaba founder Jack Ma said his ambitious pledge to create one million jobs in the US had been scuppered by the trade row between Beijing and Washington, Chinese state news reported Thursday.

The billionaire owner of China’s largest online shopping portal made the headline-grabbing promise to Donald Trump last year, as Beijing courted the then-newly elected president. But Ma told official news agency Xinhua his vow had been made on the basis of continued cooperation and trade growth between the US and China, and would now be difficult to fulfill. Ma’s bold promise following his January meeting at Trump Tower was greeted with scepticism by analysts at the time, who said the move was more about good PR than substance.

One million jobs would be close to one percent of all jobs in the United States — meaning that successfully delivering would make Alibaba one of the country’s largest private employers. Ma in April doubled down on his pledge, claiming 10 million jobs could be created “if China and the US maintain good trade relations”. But the dispute between the world’s top two economies has swiftly escalated since Trump took office, with a series of tit-for-tat tariffs imposed on billions of dollars’ worth of goods by both countries.

They still have many opportunities despite the trade frictions between China and the US,” Ma said. Ma announced this month he would step down as head of the pioneering Chinese e-commerce giant next year, handing over to CEO and anointed successor Daniel Zhang. He has expressed a desire to follow in the philanthropic footsteps of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Il fondatore e presidente del portale di e-commerce, Jack Ma: L’articolo Alibaba, stop al piano per creare 1 milione di posti di lavoro in Usa: As of tomorow morning, Sept.

Navigate to myDrake at my. The post Goodbye blueView. El 10 del Eso va a ser importante. Igual, va muy poco tiempo para que se den los resultados. Diego mismo me dijo que quiere que sea una gacela, que trate de aprovechar mi velocidad y el espacio.


First, are there simple explanations for the performance problems we encountered? Second, how did we get into this situation? Third, how can we do better in the future? To answer the first question, I’m going to draw on our paper. There are all sorts of factors that might be responsible for odd performance, but, beyond those covered in the first part of this blog post, there are two that seem both particularly likely and relatively easy to test for: For example, garbage collection is, to state the obvious, memory intensive: Similarly, JIT compilation can happen at any point, and there’s no guarantee that it makes things faster.


We therefore took two of the VMs under examination HotSpot and PyPy and performed a second experiment, separate from the first, where we also recorded how long each in-process iteration spent in garbage collection activities and JIT compilation. The esital two sub-plots show the time spent in garbage collection and JIT compilation for each in-process iteration.

These clearly show that JIT compilation only happens right at the very beginning of the benchmark. However, the time spent in garbage collection is almost perfectly correlated with the overall performance of the benchmark. That suggests first that this benchmark is spending most of its time in garbage collection, and second that there may well be a minor memory leak in the VM or the concudso. However, the JIT compilation sub-plot is more interesting: It therefore seems plausible that the VM decided to recompile parts of the benchmark probably based on extra profiling data it had collectedbut that the recompilation led to slower machine concurwo being generated.

Santa Cruz County California

However, it’s a less useful pointer than the previous example. Since JIT compilers are, to put it mildly, rather complex, fingering the JIT compiler as a culprit still means considering a huge amount of code as the likely cause of the problem. Second, no matter how much you look, there is no correlation between garbage cocurso indeed, no garbage collection occurs at all! Unfortunately, a lot of examples look like the second or third cases: Indeed, more recently I was involved in a LuaJIT performance project where we also extracted profiling information about garbage collection and JIT compilation.

In some cases, despite the plots not concursi anything obvious, we later traced problems back to the garbage collector or the JIT. There cagpea clearly several possible causes for this, but my guess is that the most common is that the consequences of performance problems are often spread around somewhat evenly, thus not ediital up as a visible spike at a particular point in time.

There seem, therefore, few simple answers to the odd performance I pointed out in the first part of this post.

How did we get into such a situation? At the risk of stating obvious, most of us use benchmarks to guide our optimisations. Optimisations which make our benchmark suite run faster are good; those that make our benchmark suite run slower are bad.

Arapahoe County Colorado

But do our benchmark suites tell us about the performance of programs in general? Some of you may remember that a few years back Dropbox started a new python VM project called Pyston. I was a bit surprised at the time, because VMs are notoriously a lot more work than people think, and PyPy was already a pretty good Python VM by that point.

I had a very interesting conversation with him, as part of which I asked him why Dropbox cxgepa decided to create a brand new Python VM. Looking at the benchmarkthe problem became clear very quickly: Unrolling is a powerful, but dangerous, optimisation: Since unrolling all recursive calls is akin to unrolling all loops, this seemed unlikely to be a good idea. I quickly confirmed with the core developers that this wasn’t an intended outcome, and conckrso it was a natural property of tracing’s naturally aggressive tendency to inline.

I thought this was would be a fun problem to debug, as it involved a part of RPython that I had not previously looked at.