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Mining is 22009 permitted in the area. They face the destruction of their homeland and the end of their way of life. The group comprised women and men – people of all ages.

Cop 15 Webcast

All over Brazil, even now, the Amazon’s waterways are being blocked and diverted. They claim landowners hired them editxl kill Mr Gomes. There is a draft bill on mining currently working its way through the Brazilian Congress, known as Projeto de Lei Large international companies like Alstom, Andritz, Voith Hydro and Daimler, all of whom are involved in the construction of Belo Monte, are profiting from the dam at the expense of the tens of thousands of people who call the Xingu their home.

All this, and yet the Jirau and the downstream Santo Antonio complex will provide just 5 percent of what government energy planners say Edial will need in the next 10 years.

The heavy handed measures being taken by the Brazilian government may signal a return to the old, dark days, to a culture of impunity in which persecution, harassment and even the murder of protesters is escalating – all across Brazil.

The Belo Monte dam will displace them, in their tens of thousands; it will strip them of their livelihoods. It used to be green editql here. De Olho na Floresta! The black and white-patterned Zebra Pleco fish, which is found only on the Xingu River, is likely to die out. According to Fiona Watson of Survival International’One of the objectives of the government’s drive to build so many hydro-electric dams in the Amazon is to provide cheap subsidized energy to the mining companies which are poised to mine in indigenous lands.


It edktal that the government and the investors are, in fact, counting on the upstream dams that would flood vast areas of indigenous land and tropical forest. Belo Monte and Munduruku are being occupied – by corporate interest. Intimidation across Brazil The culture of intimidation is not restricted to dam sites.

Construction edtial the dam had then just begun. Brasileira de Antropologia Ass. What is green about Belo Monte? At every stage the Belo Monte dam has been opposed by the people who now live in its ever growing shadow. I listened to their concerns, their accounts of the destruction of their livelihoods and their cultural identity by the Madeira Dam complex. It will only be green if they paint the dam green. Some were beaten and shot at, sprayed with pepper spray.

A great part of Brazil’s rich, varied cultural heritage will be abon. They are not ‘clean’ energy. The village radio was confiscated, and the phone wires cut. Sobre Marina da Silva:. As in Belo Monte, there is no indication how long the troops will remain The Munduruku have abln talks with the government until the troops are withdrawn.

If Belo Monte and the other dams are allowed to go ahead, they will devastate the livelihoods of thousands of people among the tribes and communities in the Amazon Basin. It is obvious that the Brazilian government has decided that respecting the rights of indigenous peoples is eital good for business.

If constructed, the dams will flood much of the Munduruku territory. Belo Monte is not merely a dam. His body has not been recovered.

The plan for Belo Monte was devised induring the years of Brazil’s dictatorship. Raimundo Irineu Serra Inst. Not because they are a threat, but because their protests halt construction. I met with indigenous leaders, with local communities, NGOs, government officials, extractavists – and the Bishop of the Xingu, Dr Erwin Abi, whose concern and care for the people affected by Belo Monte was evident.


The river system that provides a fifth of the world’s fresh water is being dammed, polluted and fouled up. This is a glaring inequity, and it seems the rights of indigenous peoples are the first to be sacrificed in the name of development and profit.

Mr Guedes, a sugar-cane cutter, had recently led an occupation of the nearby Usina Cambahyba sugar plant, in protest at a judge’s ruling that the estate should be expropriated.

Malinche II: “Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon”

If however the President fails to reform ecital current model of development, if she continues down this path, Brazil may slip back into an era of violence, exploitation and 209 unrest. As at Belo Monte, it seems the Brazilian government has been quick to answer resistance with a show of military and police force. Copenhaga Dossier The Guardian: Social action, he says, is being criminalised. Everywhere, the protests of the Brazilian riverine communities are being drowned out by the sound of construction – and they are being suppressed with military and police presence.

We must support the indigenous peoples and communities whose livelihoods, culture and ancestral lands are threatened by megadams, mining, cattle ranching and illegal logging in the Brazilian Amazon. I travelled down the Xingu in a small boat. What will happen to them when the dams are built? On March 13,a year-old girl escaped from editao ‘brothel’ on the Belo Monte construction site where, it was subsequently discovered, she and fourteen others had been imprisoned in ‘small windowless rooms with no ventilation, with only a double bed, and The forest was green.

Dams across Brazil Belo Monte is part of a ain for an overhaul of Brazil’s infrastructure: Six landowners have subsequently been arrested.