Ed Friedland Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Includes Snapping, Popping, Left Hand Integration, Dead. Ed Friedland: SLAP BASS, DVD, Bass, and thousands more titles. ejazzlines has the best selection and prices of jazz in the world!. gone – whew, that was quick thanks! The Ed Friedland “Slap Bass” DVD is a great instruction tool for beginning slappers, accomplished.

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You can read more about my educational concept Warning: The Ultimate Guide 6 comments Tags: I learned so much from him bbass musicality, and swing, how to play what you mean—I’m still learning Dickie, I miss you man.

Ed Friedland – Guitar Instructor

Articles “I’ve been rounding up links to the various articles I’ve written that are currently online, and compiling them on my articles page. Designed to help the career-minded bassist develop the most critical real world skills needed to succeed. It progesses into intermediate and advanced techniques, so this DVD will keep you learning for a long time.

You have to learn them strictly by ear!

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide

Each technique is demonstrated and then the movement is slowed down and analyzed so the viewer can duplicate the line. You’re not left totally alone, there are many helpful suggestions to prepare you for this bzss impossible task. Books By Ed Friedland. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


The reading and technical level are challenging. Rd book is the rock and roll version of my first book “Building Walking Bass Lines”.

Ed Friedland

I use the same basic concept of target and approach notes to show you how to create your own bass lines in a rock context. This book fully explores the major ee minor pentatonic scales with multiple fingerings, technical exercises, pentatonic modes.

Dolby AC3, 2 ch Booklet: Reggae is a whole universe unto itself, an entire musical culture. BluesCountryFunkJazzRock. There are friedlabd aspects of this program that make it even more valuable than the rest.

It was the first walking bass method book to come with play along tracks, something you take for granted now. I have also put up a lot of archived material that has not ef available for years.

Ed Friedland « Bass Guru

Slow Demos and tips on creating your own grooves are also included. Check out the sound eed on the Equipment Pageand tracks on the Mp3s page. Ed Freidland gives excellent, easily understood instructions. This is a great introduction to the Slap bass. Building upon each as you progress.

Based on the feedback I receive from students all over the world it’s available in Japanese, French and Spanish too this method seems to work for people. The Dvd also contains some advanced tricks for the Slapp who may think they may know it all.


This book is a compilation of many of my “in the trenches” instructional articles from the golden days er Bass Player magazine In addition to the changes for each tune, I’ve also included improvisational guidelines in the form of a written “solo” for each track. The content is logically organized and progresses to more complex riffs. Music is written in TAB and usual notation.

Instruction on how to play funk bass.

It starts friedlans out learning the notes string by string, you learn simple rhythms and apply everything with fun tracks to play with. There are plenty of tracks, as well as 7 full jazz arrangements with intros, endings, solos even for the bass player. All along friefland way, you learn useful and important musical information. It starts out with rhythmic embellishment – skips, triplets, dead notes and moves into targeting scale and chromatic notes.