Dumog – Filipino Wrestling Martial Arts. Dumog is a Filipino style of stand-up wrestling. It also refers to the grappling techniques used by many. This program is a great addition striking techniques being used in self-defense. Mano-mano is an empty hands system taught in the Kombatan. Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. The techniques of Dumog are few, and simple.

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The outside version is pretty much the same thing: The Xumog Arts Portal. The Dumog techniques are similar to Menang kabaw. This bark of a tree is freshly cut with the juice still fresh became the useful medicinal liquid that will help to harden the hand.

This is done in the middle of the day where the Sun is drying the sand to be very hot. The arm techniques are not mysterious.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog

Working towards the head for control. It is a half-way low fighting silat and ground fighting silat with the purpose of rushing towards the enemy by using the head dumg the whole body to smash the opponent pushing into the solid wall or foot of a tree until he collapse and falls to the ground. Philippine martial arts Wrestling in the Techmiques Folk wrestling styles.

All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from November Ricardo Liborio showed it to me during one of his visits to Tokyo.

The key to this technique is in the timing and sensitivity. This is the situation Liborio discussed. He is still vulnerable, to the right attack to the right target be calm and assess the situation and you will find a solution being caught in a headlock or a choke can cause some panic.

Choque 1, 3rd Edition. Dumog also contains methods of joint-locking and choking, as well as takedowns, throws and submission holds. Vu assumes the punch will be a jab because techniqyes lets him enter with a gunting. Liborio swears by it. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. You must sense, or anticipate, the moment when your opponent will plant his foot to regain the balance that was lost during the biceps push.


If he already has you at a disadvantage. It becomes a handle that you can use for leverage. Dumog is a general term used to describe the Filipino art of wrestling and grappling. For instance in Indonesia, one of the Silat styles is called Menang Kabaw.

But what if one of my arms is caught and I can’t use it? The tempering process The hands are tempered by slapping the banana trees and for hardening the hands are smashed by slapping into the bark of a tree. The thrusting of the hand is continuous until the feeling of numbness is technisues. Now lay your forearm in his inner elbow and rotate counterclockwise in a standard whirlpool pattern. Don’t just use your arm strength alone.

Since there is no more “give” left and you techbiques making him light by lifting him slightly off the floor, he will be easy to move in any direction, provided that you keep the upper arm bone tight.

However, in view of his great contribution to American martial arts during the 80’s he taught people to glove up and make contact and essentially, to learn from the boxersand to the fact that he studied for years with Rickson, Rorion, Royler, and Royce, long before anyone outside of Southern California ever heard of them, I’m not going to hold this against him.

In most cases, if there are feuds between family against family, the first to be called to be the middle man to pacify the trouble is the Dumoguero because the presence of the Dumoguero scares everybody. The first principle is not to waste strength wrestling with an opponent. The head controlling techniques can be found in traditional Jujitsu, Hapkido, Muay Thai and Silat, although there are variations in approach and grip.

Chinese Japanese Korean Okinawan. Vu has apparently taken acting lessons and gotten his hair styled and seems to be going for the Tinseltown look. Dumog Tactics of Defense 1. You are tied up with a tough opponent, a wrestler no doubt, because wrestlers are tough, and he has a Thai style tie-up around your neck with his right hand.


The movement is to be in circular motion. You wouldn’t risk much by trying. Particularly if you have practiced a couple of techniques that will work techniqjes free yourself from the attacker, it is also important to strike effectively before the pressure from the lock or hold causes extreme pain or unconsciousness. They can be summarized as moving the body by either pulling or pushing on the upper arm, or by using the head as a lever–where the head goes, the body must follow.

Dumog – Black Belt Wiki

It follows into the cultural practices of the early forefather based on the Philosophy of Kali, ” One must believe in life not death, One must believe in success not failure, One must believe in good health not sickness “.

He will probably stumble off balance with his legs crossed, and you will have a perfect opportunity for a beautiful double, or a nice clinch from which to apply an uki waza into a mount, or, if this happens to be your gig, you could land some uncontested leg kicks.

In effect, you are using your opponent’s energy to your advantage The biceps pull and biceps push are best used in cooperation with each other. Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial technisues. Just like the distinct art of Sikaran from Rizal province, the people from the provinces of AntiqueIloilo and Capiz in Panay Island have their own distinct form and traditional sport of Dumog.

Finally remember that the attacker is always vulnerable somewhere. Discard what is useless Even if he is behind you, or on top of you. After you open the door with a lead hand, rumog waste the golden opportunity to throw another wimpy punch when you can drop a heavy cross on the man’s jaw?