“In , DNV GL developed the LNG-fuelled VLCC concept Triality,” noted Deng Ling, DNV GL project manager and ship type expert for LNG. Today, DNV unveiled a concept tanker design called Triality, an LNG powered VLCC featuring a hull shape that completely removes the need. A noteworthy project undertaken by Det Norske Veritas, called TRIALITY, incorporates several new and interesting concepts in ship design and.

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It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Photo courtesy Det Norske Veritas.

TRIALITY – Definition and synonyms of triality in the English dictionary

Two engines represent increased redundancy compared to a standard VLCC. A ship’s resistance can be divided into viscous and wave-making resistance.

A baseline VLCC typically carries 80, totonnes of ballast water on the return leg. The design uses type C fuel tanks located on the open deck which minimizes the impact on the overall layout and results in cargo capacity being unchanged from the conventional design. For Triality a group of some 30 competent, mostly young people representing a wide set of fnv was selected. Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.

In addition, a lot of fuel is needed just to transport this extra water. The new crude oil concept vessel, named Trialityhas been developed through a DNV innovation project.

MDO back-up capacity for 10 days of oil fuel operation is included in the design. But will LNG be available as fuel?


Interesting Concept Design of The Week – DNV’s VLCC concept vessel “Triality”

Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about triality. The next phase of the Triality concept development will review troality use of dual fuel medium speed engines and pure gas engines. The new V-shaped hull form and cargo tank arrangements completely eliminate the need for ballast water in the VLCC version. By filling or emptying a cargo section along its entire length, no longitudinal bending moments can result from uneven cargo weight along the length of the ship.

Rules for such propulsion have existed for the past 10 years. In the next decade the shipping industry will face significant technical, operational dnb associated economic challenges as a result of upcoming environmental regulations for air emissions and ballast water treatment.

Mitsubishi Heavy Trialtiy, Ltd. Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn, Development of new ship concepts may be an attractive way to respond to these challenges. English words that begin with t. Topaz Energy and Marine, a leading offshore support vessel owner with primary operations in the Middle East and English words that tria,ity with tri. English words that begin with tr. A case in point is Singapore Power, which is building an LNG hub with the possibilities of marine bunkering and distribution potentials.

Today LNG as fuel for ships is only available in a few places. This is to ensure sufficient draft for propeller immersion and limiting slamming in unloaded condition. This page requires javascript. Triality is a crude oil tanker concept that is fuelled by liquefied natural gas, has a hull shape that removes the need for ballast water and will reduce considerably emission to air.


Not intended for production, the Triality project identified existing technology that could also be dnb to smaller Suezmax and Aframax tankers and other ships routinely traveling long distances unloaded. We are very proud to have been selected to work with DSIC on this project and look forward to seeing this eco-friendly design being welcomed by the industry.

It is not like you can just go ahead and build Triality based on our concept study. Allen is director of community living at Triality Inc. Regard Spin 8 as a subset of Ctg.


DNV proposes ballast-free crude carrierable to cut pollution while reducing costs May 31, Another 20 vessels are on order. Here is the full press release from DNV on the innovative new design. A glycol circuit has been incorporated which will circulate cooling capacity on board almost at no additional cost. Gas as ship fuel course Book now for an overview dnc current developments.

The rest can be returned to the cargo tanks or delivered to shore during cargo discharge. Wartsila is also working on a version of a two-stroke engine with similar output. If VOC is used dhv the main engines, the fuel efficiency increases to 25 per cent.