Digitech’s website has downloads for discontinued models but the Valve FX is not listed.:rolleyes: Anyone have a PDF file of this manual?. The DigiTech Valve FX is a rack mountable multi-effect processor and Does not include manual but the manual is available in PDF format on this page. I just bought this used Digitech Valve FX, which comes with a The Digitech Valve FX preamp – and its repair potential Valve FX Manual.

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The price was on the high side, but it’s a very good condition unit, and, from what the seller has said, I think that it has the upgraded green screen, and also what I think is the latest firmware v1.

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The Digitech Valve FX preamp – and its repair potential | The Gear Page

In an actual acoustic space, the amount of reverberation predelay depends largely on the shape and size of the room and the placement of both listener and sound source within the room. In no event shall DigiTech or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages or from any delay in the perfor- mance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.


No miking hassles, no heavy equipment; When Modules are turned off, their Parameters disappear from the Parameter menu. Just adding some shots I took of the inside of my Valve FX, for an information resource. The LED display now shows the Algorithm number as you scroll up or down. Variable from 1 to My intention is to make a smaller live rig with it, while leaving my recording rig undisturbed.

Although some people have to hot glue some setups since the screw placements can vary slightly. As you tune, the note name is shown on the top line of the display, while vertical bars appear on the second line of the display and begin strobing.

Privacy Policy Legal Information. To restore all Programs to orig- inal factory condition, press Function key 2.

Section 6 – Appendix One issue with them, however, as they age, is that their LCD displays can fade, or cease working, causing the entire device to stop working. The cursor moves to the milliseconds position. When the Output mode is set to mono, either output can be used.

To set up external devices: Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. The delay time is digitrch set at. Jun 23, 3. ZintoloNov 27, Determines the point at which the sample will begin playing after it has been recorded. To see the Parameters, you must turn the Module on. The display briefly reads: Share This Page Tweet. Home Forums Recent Posts.


DigiTech Valve FX

I might be getting mine back as I maanual it to a friend and he isn’t using it. Despite being inexpensive on the used market and no longer really supported by Digitech though, I believe they have some v1.

Alternate tunings are AG, and G. Hello, give a look at this one: Using this Program as an example for Program modification, the procedure for changing the delay time is as follows: Janus AlfadorJun 24, Janus Alfador vlve, Nov 27, Turns the Module on or off. Does not include manual but the manual is available in PDF format on this page.