Both MPCB and MCB protects against Short circuit and over load. But the main difference is MCCB have NO & NC contact built in which used for the control. What is the difference between MPCB & MCB and at the incomer of a control The MCB tripping is an indication either that the circuit has been. Hi,Can anyone comment on the difference between MPCB vis-a-vis Motor protection type MCCB and finally with Starter Protection MCCB?.

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Sourav Dec 03, Please read those terms and conditions carefully. Since distance from the meter to our house is considerable I cannot discreetly lay a new line to the flat I plan to disconnect the neutral in the MCCB and connect the unmetered live wire to the neutral port of the MCCB.

Safi Ali Jan ,pcb, The most widely used are 30 mA milliamp and mA devices. In the Malaysian system, all equipment and utensils esp. But some machines like submersible pumps will again trip as they have already leakage currents in small quantities.


It is essential to install MCBs for better control and secure system. Hadi Oct 19, Mohammad reza Gharghaei Aug 30, I think this information is not correct.

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Dear Sir The newly wiring system in my home got eifference when electrical people are connecting the meters at ground level. Dakshesh Shah Oct 09, Is it the operation?

Recently i was attacked by electric shock and this time i felt the current flow entire body. Thanks for the information.

Dear sir, i have doubt how does mcb trips. B p soneji Mar 15, Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Chun Sokha Dec 02, Gaurav sahu Aug 04, Dufference Chauhan Mar 26, The second earth will be used for diffedence three pin connections so differene they are secured.

Earth leakage relay or earth fault relay used to unit protection. Brief, precise and superb information. In case of an appliance malfunction, where the Phase voltage is present on the casing, touching it may cause an electric shock.

Bharat Bhandwalkar Oct 02, I would like to know if I can use Residual circuit device RCD to prevent damage to appliances or will a 3 pin adapter with fuse will help. Please share information with me on my email. They are also more expensive – Hope this helps. But what about the earthing we use dlfference our home or commercial place? Its uses where give details MCB rccb etc.


Dear Sir, By reading your article today I understood all kinds of breakers and their difference.

whats the difference between MCCB and MPCB ?

Shyam Mar 22, MCCBs could mpcg up to A e. Dear jignesh, We are using Mcb but in recently my oven blown due to over current even my oven switch was in off condition my advise me what typeople of protection device I should install, now a days hpl is advertising for over load current tripping mccb.

Most probable cause is some internal loose connections and or the loss of strong bonding between andd of any magnetic path internal.

Dear Jignesh I appreciate your valuable information. Domo Kamduk Oct 09, Ibrahim Feb 20,