The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has finally crossed a major hurdle in its demutualization processes as President Muhammadu Buhari has. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or The Exchange) is pleased to announce that its members have approved the demutualisation scheme of the Exchange. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or The Exchange) is pleased to announce that its members have approved the demutualisation.

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These, in a nutshell, are the benefits of a demutualised securities exchange. The Police Force Headquarters has denied the report in some media that of its personnel absconded Up till the early s, most of world stock exchanges were demutualisayion, mutual organizations limited by guarantee and monopolized by echange and stock brokers. Demutualisation is the process through which any member owned organisation becomes a shareholder-owned company. Analysts believe that the current size of the capital market constrains its role in national economic development.

If demutualisation is to be implemented, they believe that there should be a members’ resolution at a general meeting to explicitly approve the process.

The President assented to the bill on etock 29th of Augustaccording to documents seen by BusinessDay. However, due ngerian differences in the long title of the Bill, a conference committee was constituted by both chambers, the report of the committee was approved on May 30, by the National Assembly. That context refers to the corporate governance framework in the country and how amenable it is to successful demutualisation. They also ratified the engagement of financial advisers, legal advisers, tax advisers and any other adviser that may be required for the demutualisation of the Exchange.

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For instance, of the 64 members of the World Federation of Exchante, 56 have demutualized. Local institutional investors such as pension funds and mutual funds are less active in the equities.


Demutualisation of the NSE

It is therefore the case that a demutualised exchange, apart from providing the benefit of increased liquidity, raises the possibility of the NSE being owned by foreign investors. SEC exchanye that with demutualisation, the NSE should be exposed to robust corporate governance, enhanced efficiency and transparency associated with publicly quoted companies. Excyange confidence reforms naturally attract foreign investors. Examples of transactions that will attract liquidity include exchange services for derivatives trading, clearance and settlement.

The first stock exchange to break away from the norm was the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Demtuualisation Bill is titled: Notify me of new posts by email.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE has finally crossed a major hurdle in its demutualization processes as President Muhammadu Buhari has finally signed the bill into law that will transmute the Lagos based bourse from a mutual association of exchange members to a limited stoc, company which is accountable to shareholders. Indeed, there is an urgent need for regulators to attract more investors to the market and boost participation. The NSE effectively becomes part regulator and part profit making company.

Technological advancement in the financial world over the last two decades, has significantly increased competition among stock exchanges globally and this competition has pressured many exchanges to adopt business models, which have greatly improved their efficiencies and effectiveness. According to the Act, NSE will establish a Claims Review Panel made up of a chairman and four other members which will review and determine any assertion by any person to any right in the share of the exchange as such assertion having been made anytime between the coming into force of this act and six years after conversion of the exchange from a company limited by guarantee to a public company limited by shares.

How demutualisation of NSE ‘ll benefit investors – The Sun Nigeria

That the National Council and Management be and are hereby authorized to do all such things and exercise all such powers as may be necessary or incidental to achieving the objective specified in I above, subject to applicable laws and regulations and obtaining the approvals of Members and the relevant regulatory authorities.


NSE restructures ahead of demutualisation plans. To receive our NEW investment newsletter containing intelligent investing news, data, analysis and research, type in your e-mail address.

According to data from demutuailsation World Federation of Exchanges, more than 70 per cent of members have transformed their legal structure from non-profit mutual Exchanges into demutualized organizations.

In addition to what is highlighted at the beginning, a demutualised NSE will be in line with global best practice. In Nigeria, efforts to demutualize the Exchange achieved milestone following the appointment demutuailsation a consortium of financial, legal and tax advisers on the demutualization initiative. Other type of directors, with expertise in IT systems, product information etc, are brought in to make the exchange more competitive in its strategic outlook.

NSE demutualisation process reaches final stage – Vanguard News Nigeria

nigerrian Police denies personnel absconded from Boko Haram fight 26th December As a demutualised xemutualisation that is profit-seeking, the NSE will be in a better stead to capitalise on new income opportunities, free from any limitations arising from conflicting member interests and existing laws and more importantly, be able to better support the economic growth of Nigeria. The report that both chambers of the National Assembly have passed the enabling bills to demutualise the Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE into law brought succour to investors and the entire market community.

This is the impact of demutualisation on corporate governance — It allows for a more dynamic board that is also investor-controlled.