De Zin Van Het Bestaan, Viktor E. Frankl -Viktor Frankl beschrijft in het eerste deel van deze klassieker zijn aangrijpende ervaringen in het concentratiekamp. De zin van het bestaan – Viktor Frankl. 2 likes. Book. Viktor Frankl was hoogleraar in de Neurologie en Psychiatrie aan de Universiteit Het boek ‘De zin van het bestaan’ van Viktor Frankl bestaat uit twee delen.

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De zin van het bestaan by Viktor E. Frankl (1 star ratings)

Ante el vacio existencial. I was also keen to find out what he felt he learnt from this experience about how to live a good life. The modesty with which he has put forward his important work has been remarkable. One example is around his idea that it is dangerous to speak of man’s “nothingness” or how we we are a product of biological, psychological, and social conditions.

It is not only that the theory, trivial in essence, is described in such a convoluted, redundant, full-of-shit manner. biktor

Zijn denkbeelden vermengen zich echter zo geleidelijk en voorzichtig met het verhaal, dat dit niet Professor Frankl verbleef drie jaar in verschillende concentratiekampen, waar hij getuige was van het meest gruwelijke menselijke leed. A presenca ignorada de Deus. Citta Nuova Editrice, Roma Gesammelte Werke, Teilband 2: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

A number of prisoners kept themselves going by imagining themselves out of the camp in time for the holidays, which they hoped to spend with their loved ones.


Anxiously I asked her if the tree replied. El presente texto surge a partir de una serie de conferencias dictadas por Viktor E. He then went on to present his psychotherapy theory, logotherapy. Logoterapija u eksistenzialnyi analis.

Gelesen von Martin Schwab. Frankl 1 9 Apr 10, His experiences have entitled the author to create and spread his religion.

Psicoterapia e sentido da vida. Frankl was hoogleraar in de neurologie en de psychiatrie aan de Universiteit van Wenen, hij is auteur van zo’n boeken die in vijftien talen vertaald werden. The second section “Logotherapy in a Nutshell” and its postscript “The Case for a I’ll preface this review by stating I have the utmost respect for the author and his triumph over the awful consequences of the Holocaust on him personally and all who endured it.

It’s bundling his pompous cliches and religion-grade theory with a tear-shedding memoir that is so absolutely disgusting. Trotzdem ja zum Leben sagen: It was fairly biographical, but not well narrated. Asking what’s the meaning of life is like asking what’s the best chess move — it depends on the situation, the player, the opponent.

De zin van het bestaan

I can only bestan it’s gained notoriety for being on everyone’s must-read lists rather than for being a great book, because great book it isn’t. Trivia About Man’s Search for So the writing is very useful for desperate people. Eastone Books, Bratislava I just don’t always get super-excited by self-help psychology books. Because they both agree, in some way, I think. If you want an interesting first-person account of time in a concentration camp, read this book. Nicht der Blick in die vielleicht schlimme, gar traumatisierende Vergangenheit macht gesund; es ist die Frage nach dem Wozu, die weiterhilft und heilt.


VFI / Books by VF

Evidence for the growing significance of logotherapy includes institutes, societies and professorships in many countries of the world, as well as conferences and publications. Eine Auswahl aus dem Gesamtwerk.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Did she have occasional betsaan Texte aus 6 Jahrzehnten. The Will to Meaning.

And perhaps ve say this because, like me, they had never read anything about the Holocaust, and perhaps I had said it too back then. Naledi, Tygervallei, South Africa Escritos selectos sobre logoterapia. I thought this book was an inspirational literary story about a man in search of meaning for his life, but it turned out to be a semi-scientific book about beetaan called legotherapy.

Paidos ; ISBN The Doctor and the Soul. Bullshit science lies everywhere and nobody ever knows about it. Sampath Kumar Beautiful review: Nos raisons de vivre. In fact, the kindness was returned: Berkeley gave a class by him, and all I had to do was walk across the street to Tolman Hall and sit in his class and vjktor.

I have to say that his personal story of optimism given his situation has some inspirational qualities, but I still don’t find his theories and conclusions sound or helpful.