White Plume Mountain, which has been reprinted as part of Tales from the This is an artefact from an older version of D&D, where players. Soon I will be running White Plume Mountain as a one shot with my regular group. This will be a one shot and our usual DM will get to play t. Where Tamoachan challenged the player of D&D only, White Plume Mountain makes a go at challenging both the player and character. White.

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Spinning Cylinder This was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I am quite excited about the next session, and hope to have some pictures of the ziggurat here at The Learning DM soon. This will be a one shot and our usual DM will get to play this time!

Next day Ald uses Whelm to cast moountain creature and they look for the eladrin.

Kalista approaches the edge of the pool with an arrow with light cast on it. Eager Auggi opens Snarla’s spellbook and takes some damage from explosive runes. My PCs are 10th level, and that is the upper end of the recommended range. Obviously, I know this is ‘my’ choice at the end of the day but I would like to hear what other DM’s did in their run and how things went.


He noted whit the adventure focuses on problem solving, with “many interesting problems for players to overcome”.

I ruled she could Did you have them roll a series of dex and occasional strength checks? I wonder if we’re going drown? Retrieved February 9, Meanwhile Amaryllis casts polymorph on Burket turning him into a rabbit.

First Time DM’ing White Plume Mountain!

Eventually, at the door to room 4, they kill it with fire. The party is on a 12 hour clock. A completely frictionless surface, studded with pit traps? Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Ald drinks a potion of fly and carries Amaryllis and Elyse across the room. The vampire used Legendary Resistance to save against a faerie fire that Augi cast. Hold person plus Ald and Yonni grappling and the eladrin is rendered incapable of fighting or fleeing.

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You can never have enough riddles, so consider printing a list or bookmarking that site. I actually reset this encounter and ran it again — this time with olume wizard and without having the enemy gain surprise and make everyone entangled and prone before they could act… Even with a fairer set-up, this mouhtain an absolutely brutal fight.

They have a copy of Keraptis’s note about the stolen artifacts Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Good articles Pages using deprecated image syntax.


They could stop at any point while deciphering. Email required Address never made public.

5E White Plume Mountain: Tales of the Yawning Portal play report (Spoilerific!)

Originally Posted by Rhenny. She’s there to reopen the door repeatedly as it opens and closes over the next pkume minutes. Schick wrote the module while applying for a job with TSR. The “beautiful sea elf” returns On the Tomb of Annihilation. Then the nets are thrown — if the net succeeds I allowed the characters to block them with oarsthe kayak and the characters within become prone — and it requires hwite Dash action to extricate oneself from the kayak.

Running White Plume Mountain

Mike Mearls describing the adventure’s appeal in Dungeon magazine [3]. There are a lot of ways this could be played, but I run it as four separate encounters — each layer being its own encounter.

Or is there an even greater thereat building beneath White Plume Mountain? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.