Menzoberranzan is a role-playing video game created by Strategic Simulations (SSI) and . “A History of D&D Video Games – Part III”. Game Spy. Retrieved. I’d highly recommend that you purchase or borrow Out of the Abyss, since it is the only source of information about Menzoberranzan in 5th. As resource guides Im using the Menzoberranzan 2e boxed set, (Ive updated it to DR) and Menzoberranzan, City of Intrigue for 4e, (which.

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Menzoberranzan – Wikipedia

In a setting that thrives on menzoberrranzan and betrayal, you need to give your players a little more leeway, which brings my to my next point:. The house included are: I have the Underdark supplement. If I might add to it from even earlier sources: It is, after all, almost an alien world compared to the above ground societies of Toril.

Chaotic evil doesn’t mean stupid evil, and lawful evil doesn’t mean lawyer evil. Founded by Jarlaxle Baenre as a means for houseless rogues to survive in Menzoberranzan, the group has thrived and expanded greatly since its inception. In a setting that thrives on menzobereanzan and betrayal, you need to give your players a little more leeway, which brings my to my next point: Lore doesn’t expire from one edition to another.


This band of societal malcontents consists of approximately members though at times known to employ many more, having nearly one thousand agents at work with the Calimport initiativemainly houseless males.

Menzoberranzan is an underground city populated by the drowand ruled over by Lolth. Most apps include their own filtering systems.

But if you’re still in need of ideas and inspiration, you could consider acquiring the Menzoberranzan: It was the most secretive of bands, few in the city could even guess at the numbers in the group, and its bases were tucked away in the many nooks and crannies of the wide cavern. For instance Lolth is no longer the sole power with her children coming back.

Wizards of the Coastp. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


And while this supplement is intended to be edition-neutral, it covers the period from DR to DR. Menzoberranzan – the Famed City of the Drow that is chocker block full of pictures and descriptions of the city. There are lots of physical descriptions. Standing at the center of Tier Breche, the school resembles a giant obsidian spider, sporting eight legs and a large central hall.


Their junior years are very harsh, but conditions improve as they grow older. You may take some steps to make sure that no one connects you with a crime you committed, but you realize that ultimately your power is the ultimate deterrent. City of Intrigue — a campaign setting book that is all about the Drow and the capital city of their underground empire. menzobwrranzan


It is described as a vast cavern, about two miles long. The Matron Mistress of the Academy resides here and serves both as head instructor as well as the leader of the academy. City of Intrigue tries exceptionally hard to be edition-free.

I would recommend the book series War of the Spider Queen. The Apocalypse — The Heart of Gaia. Glad to be of help! It was the book series that got me into DnD in fact.

Be a Drow This final chapter is as much for players as it is for the Dungeon Master. Sign up using Email and Password.