Control your website using free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting website Email Forwarders. 5. Websites. 2. Ftp Accounts. 2. MySQL Databases. 2 You will be a pro in no time with Cpanel’s knowledge base and tutorials. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a new cPanel account. 2. How to Allow AutoSSL to Replace Invalid/Expiring Certificates. 3. Learn how to resell your own hosting accounts in WHM with the tutorial below. You can access cPanel by using either 2) Then enter your password here. Be sure to check out the other cPanel tutorials to learn all the great features.

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How to create a cPanel account within WHM

I have an ssl installed turorial a domain which has a cpanel acount on vps, the website is fully ssl secure, but still futorial the problem on cpanel and webmail with the security notice. I’ve read the different ways to access cpanel. After completing this tutorial, you will have a moderate level of expertise in using the automation tools available in cPanel.

What is the disadvantage of having seperate cPanel for each? None work for the new account I’ve created.


Ok so that makes sense. I tried to login to the main site and it says my username and password is invalid. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong, as your system seems top notch, I just can’t find what.

cPanel Tutorial

I will answer your questions here for you. I hope this helps to explain the issue! This cpanep meant as constructive feedback, I’m not disgruntled and will find my answers soon from tech support through chat, which so far works really well. What is sent to the customer so that they can activate their account?

I hope this helps acceleraetd explain it for you. The cPanel system is the default interface for web hosting customers to get to their web hosting server account. After the cpanel account is created, what are the steps to actually use it?

The insecure notice is normally there because you’re trying to use the https version of the login instead of the non-https version of the login. Is the guide complete?

How to create a cPanel account within WHM | InMotion Hosting

Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account! I am having trouble after creating another cpanel under the same WHM. Package WHM allows you to create packages, which make it easier to manage cPanel accounts.


Once again thanks for the assistance. Hello Shobbit, Authentication error means either the username or password is incorrect for the cPanel you are trying to access. If the login info does not work, you can always change the password from within the WHM.

Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. InMotion Hosting Customer Community. Are there broken links on the page?

I tested it specifically for that and did not get one. If you don’t have any packages set, select the “Select Options Manually” option and set those limitations now. I asked Suport and they pointed me to NS You must have a WHM account.

Creating another cPanel account for your customer allows them to have full access to upload and modify their site.

Please helpm me, i’m a beginner in this field. From there you should be able to log in without acceoerated. You may want to set a policy to send out your own as well so you can give initial cpanel usernames and passwords, etc.