Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by C. Cumbey So what are the new social movements? What direction is politics taking? As FDR said, in politics nothing. CONSTANCE CUMBEY m> OfTHe Rainbow THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AND OUR COMING AGE OF BARBARISM THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE. Constance Cumbey (born February 29, ) is a lawyer and activist Christian author. Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. In the wake .

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Christ-followers are occasionally called Sons of God, but remember the New Testament explains: Since returning to the active practice of law in the s, she is an active member of the Macomb and Wayne County Bar associations as well as the mandatory State Bar of Michigan affiliation. When two theosophists attempted to institute a branch of Theosophy — known as Esoteric Christianity — that would be a revival of gnostic Christian teachings along the line of the Kabala — a form of Christianity that is Christian in name only — they quickly found opposition from the remainder of the Society, An attempt was made to resolve the dispute by chartering a special branch to be known as the Hermetic Lodge.

As he spoke, the audience’s collective trance deepened. One of these has announced that soon the Christ will acknowledge His identity and within the next two months will speak to humanity through a worldwide television and radio broadcast. Even more startling is another parallel to Nazism — at- tempts to swell their ranks with prisoners, especially con- victed felons.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Further, the Movement’s theology contains a strong belief in an “inner government” of our planet by a hierarchy of spirits or alleged “masters of wisdom.

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Contents Preface 13 1. The science [ re K Marx ]. This characteristic is also like the brain’s plasticity, with an overlap of functions so that new regions can take over for damaged cells. The succeeding chapters will give you considerable infor- mation about this Movement necessary to assist you and your friends and family from being unwittingly sucked into Satan’s master plan. When I suggested that we discuss the subject over dinner, she agreed.

While Christians have been successfully diverted by the enemy into mutual accusations of each other being the “anti- christ” or “satanic,” the Old Deceiver himself has moved in the guise of promoting “true ecumenism.


Lack of the proper reference label stymied my efforts for a short while. You will find the freeze campaign outlined as step no. It is perhaps as well, for their destiny is tied up with the future race, the sixth, and their end and the cessation of their activities will come in that far distant aeon which is technically called the Sixth Round.

Sadly, the New Age Movement has infil- trated even many of our Christian denominations with this pagan concept. Hal Johnson rated it it was ok Sep 11, Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Asked what will happen after the great galvanic day, Creme said progress will be slow cukbey steady. If I possessed fewer scruples, I could have easily whited out every refer- ence to Nazism, the Third Reich, and Germany and re- placed it with The New Age Movement — a worldwide phenomenon — and re-released it as an up-to-date, authori- tative text on the New Age Movement. Are the new forming governments in the moslem world part of the King of the South? Frightening the material is.

He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son” I John 2: The Movement’s theoreticians, including Spangler, also speak freely of the need to conxtance Aryan purity — which was Hitler’s justifica- tion for exterminating the Jews. John Sweeney rated it really liked it Sep 14, Not being a part of the old web of power lines and influence, these new centers are not faced with having to overcome the inertia and am- biguous energies from past patterns. It was becoming increasingly apparent to me that the prophecies were being fulfilled in a very literal manner.

A Short History 53 did go public.

Most of the rank and file supporters of this measure are sincere. Creme reiterated the standard New Age teaching that we are entering the Age of Aquarius. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Sitchin wrote some interesting theories, though he was working for the Pope. What nearly every “Christian” name-caller overlooked were the plain and simple biblical specifications of the spirit of antichrist and the fact that a Movement meeting these specifications was thw under their noses and even in- fluencing their churches.

KingdomChristian rated it it was amazing Oct 31, KNEW what he was doing, and that he cooperated with some of the [other planners]. The glue binding most New Age devotees is one of common mystical experiences, “Experiential religion” is conetance vital within the Movement.


Constance Cumbey – Wikipedia

The au- dience was truly representative. By networking they have achieved a synergetic effect that makes them nearly unstoppable. In reacting the following passage, it should be kept in mind that “Black Lodge” or “Black Forces” means the religious orthodox forces whereas “White Lodge” or “White Forces” is used by the New Agers to refer to themselves. The New Age and Prophecy However, what should be kept in mind by the believer is the much more potent power generously bestowed upon us by our Lord — the latter rains which were to be even more abundant than the former.

To my surprise she agreed.

The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism

Because of the limited size of this first edition, everything relevant about the Movement will not be included. However it is important to check on the details of where you worship, fellowship and learn, so that you can be sure that you are receiving sound doctrine Titus 1: It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the collusion.

Structure and Front Organizations 89 Another characteristic of these false Christs is that they are far from bashful. This book is my attempt to assist in delivering this warn- ing — “to come out of her” before rainnow is too late for us and our children.

It is interesting to note that several of the signers of the The Movement: Creme received another round of applause when he stated “democracy will disappear.

Hidden Dangers Of the Rainbow by Cumbey, Constance

While there are certain superficial similarities among most religions, orthodox Judaism and Christianity stand in direct opposition to every other belief system.

There is a difference between creation and Creator, as God established His own order and plan, which continues to move forward, and demonstrate His power, His glory, and the completion of HIS plan.

Everything done in hiddden New Testament is still being done in relation to the Old Testament. Maitreya’s followers are now in the last stage of the New Age scheme to constancce the world for Lucifer.