1–1. 1. Product Description. The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc and Nc Series offer Section for palm rest removal instructions. If you are removing a. Compaq, Evo, and the Compaq logo are trademarks of Compaq Information . The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc Series offer advanced instructions. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC.

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The battery pack in the primary battery bay and the external battery pack if attached begin to charge and the battery light 3 turns on. To save your preferences and exit Device Options, press 4. Compaq Evo Nc Hardware Manual pages.

Do not place anything on power cords or cables.

Hardware Guide Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 8— Compaq shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Enter text from picture: Use only a 3.

Compaq Evo n400c – Notebook PC Reference Manual

Contents 1 Getting Started Identifying the Components An optional video-out adapter A standard composite video cable available from most television, VCR, or electronics retailers. Computer Upgrades and Add-ons The computer supports several notebook accessories for you to upgrade and add on to your system.

Some devices must be enabled in Computer Setup before they can be included in a MultiBoot sequence. Drives Planning Changes to the Startup Sequence Before changing the startup sequence, consider the following: In Computer Setup, the list of bootable devices includes only the compqq devices currently in the computer or an optional docking base.


Slide the display release latch 1 to the right and open the computer 2. Page 88 Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 7. Page 50 Battery Packs If the optional external battery pack is being inserted for the ,anual time, make sure the external battery pack plugs are removed. Charging Battery Packs The computer supports up to two battery packs: Compaq Evo Nv User Manual pages.

Unscrew the small end of the drive cable from the external diskette drive. Connect external devices to the connectors on the MEU rear panel and turn on power to all devices.


Keyboard and Pointing Devices Disabling the Numeric Keypad To disable the keypad evoo return the keys to their standard keyboard functions, press Converting the Numeric Keypad Keys to Standard Keys To use the keypad rvo temporarily as standard keys while the keypad is enabled: Connecting a Parallel Printer 1.

Insert a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole and push firmly. The primary hard drive is being accessed. DVD is not properly down on the disc firmly seated in the drive. Don’t have an account? Enabling Bootable Media and Devices for MultiBoot The computer can start by default from the following media and devices: Troubleshooting External Device Connection Problems and Solutions Problem Possible Cause Solution A new device is not The signal cable or Ensure that all recognized as part of power cord of the new cables are properly the computer system.


When the computer is attached to an optional Mobile Expansion Unit MEUthe system supports up to four battery packs: Remove the diskette from the diskette drive. Infrared Configuration Guidelines Do not point one of the ports more than 30 degrees plus or minus 15 degrees off the center line away from the infrared port of the device you are connecting with. Allow airflow to cool internal components. Keyboard and Pointing Devices For procedures on programming the Easy Access buttons, refer to the online help file.

You can install third-party applications or preloaded Compaq utilities at any time after initial setup is complete. Covers the memory expansion compartment that contains one memory expansion slot for compaa memory expansion board.

Compaq Evo N400c Hardware Manual

Hardware Guide A Look at the Computer 2— Compaq evo notebook nc series and evo notebook nc series software guide 85 pages. While holding the palm rest at a degree angle, slide the front edge of the palm rest away from the base assembly 1. Hold the Evl Card label side up with the connector facing the computer.